The Ice Sage Chronicles.

A young boy in the ice age fights for his and his grandmother's life's. When a Saber attacks him and the northern lights make him turn into the thing. But when a scary terrorist threatens to kill his grandmother and village he fights a war of his own 1 vs 10000. But he has to overcome and convince the villagers not to kill him and that he is not a threat.

A twist to Brother bear.

Chapter 3

The Hunt

"Whichever you shall choose Elon." I rolled my eyes. "Heraiti you are not an elder so I advise you don't use shall." "Whatever Elon." We walked quietly. We passed mammoths grazing on the leaves and grass that they could find. A sloth passed my eye. I knew the sloth's meat was not on my food chain. Yuck! I could've shot the mammoths but there are so few of the giants.

"Elon,I'm going to go scavenge for an animal." "Ok Heraiti." He runs off in the woods. My bow thrust tightly in my hand. I looked and looked for animals to appear. I then saw a bear. That was the perfect thing to warm my grandmother from the horid Ice Age. It rummaged around for things to eat. I raised my bow.Crept up to the thing. It still did not notice me. I pulled back on the string as hard as I could hold... and let it go.

The beast roared in great agony. It hit the beast in it's heart. It saw me. I cursed to myself. It ran as fast as its legs could carry it. I shot again and again and again until the beast was eye to eye with me mad as ever. I then got an arrow and did the stupidest thing I could ever do. I thrust the blade into th beast 's flesh. I thought it was going to pounce on me but it fell down lifeless. I then got ready to clean and collect the fur. I stayed out in the cold for two hours getting every piece of meat out of the bear. I also fixed the fur up and played it to the side. It was dark now. The only thing I could see we're the northern lights. I then heard the roar and a whole town scream.

We were in trouble.

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