The Ice Sage Chronicles.

A young boy in the ice age fights for his and his grandmother's life's. When a Saber attacks him and the northern lights make him turn into the thing. But when a scary terrorist threatens to kill his grandmother and village he fights a war of his own 1 vs 10000. But he has to overcome and convince the villagers not to kill him and that he is not a threat.

A twist to Brother bear.

Chapter 2

Realizing The Obvious

I then stare at the necklace. Why would they give me a Saber as my inner beast I thought. I hated the animals. Well, I really didn't have any reason to hate the things but boy are they ugly! The chief then grants the rest of the youths their inner calling beasts and necklaces.

Maybe I did deserve the Saber as my inner beast. I was mean. I was a stupid Cat-Walrus. The Obvious was pouring down on me. Then out of nowhere Heraiti came close imitating the antelope.

"Hey Cat-Walrus." Anger poured inside me. But, didn't I tell you I was a Cat-Walrus? "Hey GoatFace" He smiled. "Oh, what a nice comeback Elon." "Heraiti, please stop acting as a little kid. "Elon, I came to invite you to hunt for animals."
I then smiled. "Can I have Harpoon or Bow and arrow?"

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