The Ice Sage Chronicles.

A young boy in the ice age fights for his and his grandmother's life's. When a Saber attacks him and the northern lights make him turn into the thing. But when a scary terrorist threatens to kill his grandmother and village he fights a war of his own 1 vs 10000. But he has to overcome and convince the villagers not to kill him and that he is not a threat.

A twist to Brother bear.

Chapter 1


I stand in my hut aiding my sick grandmother. She touches my cheek which I know is another language for thank you but you don't have to do this for me I put her hand on her chest. I then leave the hut to go to the village. My friend Heraiti but we call him Bear Claw because he got his flesh torn by the bear. But, anyway he said "Hey Elon, you do know we have a ceremony to day right?" I then start to hear the
music. I run fast. "Elon!" I hear. But I just ignore.

I then see my chief ready to hand out our animal symbol. Which is inner beast. I then sit and wait because this is the year I am old enough. Heraiti then gets called up. The chief touches his head. "THIS BOY'S INNER BEAST IS THE ANELOPE!"

I then see him give him his inner calling necklace. Then the chief calls my name. He dances around and then touches my head. "This boy's inner beast describes him... which is the.....

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