The Flightless Keyboard

So one day when me and my two friends were at my house bored in my room, we decided to give each other 1 hour to write some sort of short story, they gave detailed parts in a story, while i summed up one whole story. There were two 'inappropriate' words as they so delicately put it, in my story, so you shall never know the true name of what the Trees and Birds were called in here. And ya, you can read the story now. (There is only 1 Chapter.)

Chapter 1


by: Creolnali
On one of the most pointless worlds in the Universe, was home to a land where Keyboards thrived, and lived happily, sort of, not really, but no wars or anything of the sort went on. But there was one family of Keyboards, who loved to fly more than any of the others and were the best.

But there was one Keyboard who was different than all the others in his family. He wasn't able to fly, for some strangle Pencil creature came in the night and took his powers away leaving him stuck to staying on the ground. The other Keyboards tried to do many things to make him fly again but nothing was working. So the flightless Keyboard went to an Elder Keyboard up in the mountains. It was a long and hard journey to get up there but he finally made it.

The Elder Keyboard spoke with him and showed him who it was who took his power of flight away, and where to find him and try to get his powers back. The Pencil creature was named Derka Durr, after the all mighty Derka Derka, and lived in a deep Cave in some Holy Forsaken land where he practices his abilities and plays Minecraft, which he is also very good at. The Flightless Keyboard went to several merchants in the Town to gather supplies for his journey and said his good-bye's to the people he barely knew because he's weird and doesn't go around places much.

The Flightless Keyboard left Town and traveled down one of the roads through the Retarded Forest and made it over the boarder of their territory and endured the long walk down the road through an area of just flat ground with nothing but grass and some Paper Plants.

After a few days the Land started to show some signs of life further down the road, some Pizza Trees were grown here and there and maybe a Chocolate Bird or two would fly by. The Flightless Keyboard's keys were sore and he sat down by one of the trees to rest, and then after a minute he got back up again and started walking down the road like normal, because he rests really fast.

Flightless Keyboard suddenly came across some snowy mountains and for some magical reason, there is a path through them, unguarded. Flightless Keyboard followed the path through the mountains for many hours, and noticed that the snow on the mountains was starting to disappear the more he followed the path, and eventually the snow was less enough to show the black rock which made up the mountain. The mountain started to give way to more open area and slowly thickening mists. The Flightless Keyboard walked straight through the mists hopping to find something suddenly. And suddenly, Flightless Keyboard sees a cave, barely visible in the mist and walks towards it.

Flightless Keyboard walks into the cave and saw that it went on as far as the eye could see. He walked down it for many minutes until there was finally a turn at the end. Flightless Keyboard rounds the corner and sees a black Pencil playing Minecraft on a computer on one side of the room. Flightless Keyboard slowly walks into the room but the Pencil herd him and turned around to look at him. The Pencil smiles and walks up to the Flightless Keyboard, recognizing him from when he took the Keyboard's powers away from him. The Derka Pencil claims he needed the Keyboard's power for his game so it can run better because it was crappy, but says he doesn't need the power anymore and will give the Flightless Keyboard back his power to fly if he gave him one thing: a Caps Lock Key. The Flightless Keyboard was shocked for a moment, but decided to agree to the Pencil's terms and gave him his Caps Lock key. The Pencil was very happy and magically gave the Keyboard his powers back and ability to fly again.

The Keyboard left the cave soon after and flew back to his Town where everyone was happy that he could fly again and jumped around like idiots and the whole place had a Pizza Roll party to celebrate. All was back to the way that it should be, accept for the Keyboard was not able to talk very angrily due to his loss of his Caps Lock key but whatever, story over.

The End, or something.


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