Taylor's Story

Based on a true story

Chapter 1

First Day, New School

by: Luxray100
Taylor wasn't looking forward to the first day of school. Usually she would be looking forward to seeing all her friends again and finding out if her and her cousin Zeke were in the same class like they were every year. But not this year. Taylor's grandma swiched her from the towns small public school to a city private school about an hour away. "I don't wanna go. Sammy is already going to another school next year and Molly is gonna be there by herself." Taylor told her grandma. "I know but you aren't getting as good of education as you'll get at your new school." Taylor had been arguing all summer about the new school. Her grandma never even gave a thought about changing her mind.

The first day of school came fast. Taylor wore what she would've wore at her old school. A camo t-shirt and wranglers. When she got to school the other kids looked at her like she was an idiot. All the other kids grew up in the city and were wearing what Taylor thought only teenagers wore. Taylor had always fit in at her old school. She would play in the dirt and play kickball with the boys, but when recess came none of the others would play with her. So she walked over to some of the boys playing basketball. "Can I play?" she asked. "No we already have full teams." One of the boys said. "No you don't. There's 9 of you." She pointed out. "No Jace is the ref." Another boy claimed. Taylor knew he was lying but she din't feel like starting a fight. So she went over underneath the slides and played in the wood chips.

When class started again Taylor sat next to a boy named Tucker. "Hi." Taylor greeted him. "What's up." He said barely even noticing her. "What?" She asked. No one around where she lived had ever said anything like that to her before. "Haha you're kidding right?" He laughed. "Hey guys! She don't even know what 'whats up' means!" Everyone started laughing. Taylor was confused. Why were they laughing? It wasn't like she did anything wrong right?

"How was your first day?" Her grandma asked her and her older sister Tracy. "I had fun. I made a new friend named Ericka." Tracy said. "I don't like it." Taylor said. "Why not?" Her grandma asked. "No one likes me." She said. "You'll make friends just give it a little while." Her grandma told her.

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