Winter Blues

A poem about things no one understands.

Chapter 1

Winter Blues

Such a cold breeze with the tang of sea water air,
Flaming trees with the lonely wandering creatures of summer,
Slowly falling apart, yet never fading away.
Rains and thunder fall like snow, quiet and blurred,
Yet it screamed louder than he ever expected the winter blues he couldn't escape,

Such a nostalgic light within the subtleties,
The white flags flying at half within his mind,
Before he could break the vice, depraving himself of his happiness,
He never said goodbye to the sea waves bitterly smashing towards the summer,

His cold hands lightly touch at the pristine glass,
Breaking with the souvenir he has been left with,
Leaves slowly marching in the breeze with orange pumpkins,
Seashells long collected dissipated with the echo of his fall.

It isn't without the beauty that he finds ugly monsters within the winter air,
A simple and clean scar for him to remember that one year he forgot,
Fraying at the edges during the settling snow, arriving too early.

A goodbye lullaby to be played on the bleached keys of the piano,
Almost like clockwork,
Her beautiful eyes searched for the world stopping smile, but she couldn't find it anymore,
"It's supposed to be a happy day, why are you lonely?"
He looks back toward her, shaken up within himself, knowing the best of his deep sleep dream,
"Don't you fade with the warmth too?"


Inspiration -
Seasonal Depression, or SAD, is a type of depression that is tied to the seasons of the year. Most people are usually depressed during late fall and winter. It mostly affects young women, but can also affect men or women of any age. Statistics about this disorder include that SAD, or the "Winter Blues" affect as many as six people per a 100 in North America, more in the north portion than the south.

- Source

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