I Hate Being Alone...

Chapter 1

A Friendly Face In The Crowd

It's the first day of school. As my alarm continued to beep, I turned over onto my side and grabbed my phone off of the nightstand. It's too early for this I thought as I looked at the time. 4:27 on a Monday morning. I did my usual 20-minute routine; Check Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and respond to text messages. After that was done, I shuffeled out of bed, barely awake. I went into the bathroom, took off my pajamas, and got into the shower, letting the warm water bring me out of sleep, and into morning. I washed my hair and my body, then got out of the shower. I dried off with my warm black towel and blow-dried my long light brown hair. After my hair was completely dried, I straightened it until it was perfect. I went back into my room and checked the time. It was 5:48. I had approximately two hours until I needed to be in my first class. I walked over to my closet, and looked for an outfit to wear. After almost 15 minutes of browsing through the closet, I finally chose an outfit. I put on my brand new lime green lace bra and thong set, my red distressed skinny jeans, white Asking Alexandria shirt, and black heeled ankle boots. I also put on my gold bangles, chain, and hoop earrings. I put on my deoderant and new Juicy Couture perfume. I walked over to my makeup counter, and sat down. I applied my cover up, bronzer, a thick coating of eyeliner, my fake eyelashes, mascara, and light pink lipstick with a clear gloss over it. I took one last longing look in the mirror, put my phone in my pocket, grabbed my phone, wallet, and car keys, and headed downstairs. I checked the time. 6:35. I went into the garage, unlocked my car, and got inside. Once I heard the engine roar, I opened the garage door, backed out, and got onto the highway. I stopped at Dunkin' for my morning coffee and low-fat blueberry muffin, then stopped at Subway and got something for lunch later on in the day. Finally I reached Franklin High School. I found a parking spot, turned off the car, and got out. Automatically a thousand thoughts ran through my head. What if everyone laughs at me? What if my teachers hate me? What if I get called to the principle? What if someone vandalizes my car? What if I don't have anyone to talk to in my classes? I walked up the stairs and went through the main doors. It felt as if there were hundreds of eyes looking at me as I walked to my locker. I put my bag inside, grabbed my schedule, and found my first class right as the bell rang. I sat in the back corner near the window, hoping no one would notice me. All the other students filed into class, taking seats toward the front. Great. No one to talk to. "Hello class. I'm Mrs. Burda. I will be your homeroom teacher, and I will also be your Honors English teacher. Everyone learn the faces in this class, because I assign a lot of group work, and a lot of group projects. Time to make friends with everyone, for at least this class. After that, I don't care whether you talk or not." Everyone stared blankely at her. "Take out a notebook and pencil. There's an assignment on the board. You have 20 minutes to write a three page essay about yourself. Begin." Most kids did as she told them to, others goofed around. I raised my hand. "Yes?" I cleared my throat. "Aren't you going to at least take roll? I mean-" She cut me off. "I don't care to learn my students names. Either you're here or you aren't. I will not refer to you by your name unless you are disrupting the class. I'm the teacher, you're the student. If you have issues with my teaching style, you can let yourself out and go to the office. But once you leave, you will no longer be in my class. Any questions?" I shook my head no. All I wanted to know is if she was taking roll like most other teachers do.. The door suddenly opened and someone walked in. I didn't even bother to see who it was. Just then, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I looked back and tried not to look too happy. "Did I miss anything? My car broke down, so I just got here. What are we doing? And can I sit next to you?" I tried to talk. " Ju-just an out-outburst-" Goddammit Ariel. Use your words. I blushed and cleared my throat. "Just an outburst between me and the teacher. She's...rude. Sorry to hear about your car. The assignment is on the board. The seat's available, but what will all the popular girls think of you talking to someone like me? No free drinks after the games on Friday?" I asked sarcastically. He sat down and looked at me. I should really learn to keep my comments to myself. We sat in awkward silence. Suddenly he said, "I'm not the drinking type of guy. And does it honestly look like I care what they think?" I turned pale and continued my work. A while passed, and the mystery guy turned toward me. "What's your name?" I glanced over at him. "Ariel. And you are..?" He smiled his amazing smile. "Shadow." I giggled. "Are you serious?" He had a blank expression on his face. "Well, my real name is Scot, but you can call me Shadow." I smirked at him. "Nice to meet you, Shadow."


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