Immortal Night

Immortal Night

Chapter 2

The Prey

There it was, my prey. Was I going to eat it? "Yes." I whispered. I was starving, I hadn't eaten for days. I was going crazy from bloodlust. I jumped from tree to tree, quietly stalking my prey. It smelled good. smelled amazing. I could almost taste the blood in my mouth. I though about my teeth piercing the soft skin and sinking them into the flesh. I shivered with delight, I was going to enjoy this. When the prey stopped in the middle of the road to check for something, I made my move. I jumped out of the tree I was in and began walking towards her, making sure she didn't suspect a thing. "Hello." I had said. She turned around surprised. "Are you lost little girl?" She asked. Surprised, I stopped walking. Little girl? I looked down at my clothes. Still in my bloody white dress and shoes. I looked up to her. "My mommy, daddy and sister were murdered. I watched it all." I said sweetly then began to fake cry. "Oh sweetie, lets get you to the police office hen shall we?" She took me by the arm and began to walk me to the police station. That was her first mistake. "Miss, please don't touch me, my daddy was a bad man who did bad things to children." I said sweetly. The woman stopped abruptly. She turned around, her second mistake. "What? What did you say?" She asked calmly but I could smell the fear on her. "My daddy did bad things to children like me and my sister." I repeated. She bent down to get a good look at my face, her final mistake. "Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear that. You must've been so scared." She said. "No I wasn't scared at all." I replyed. "And why was that?" She calmly asked. "Because I'm the one who killed them. My daddy, mommy and sister." I told her. She gasped and took a step back. "Please don't go. I'll starve if you do." I said before I lashed out at her. She screamed and tried to get away but I was to strong for her. "You annoy me." I said then snapped her neck. I dragged her body towards the woods to feast. Tonight I hunted my first human.

That night 100 years ago was like this night, me stalking my prey. My heart was pounding from the excitement. I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to sink my teeth into his flesh, hear his screams of terror ring throughout the night. My grey eyes flash a bright color of gold as I walk towards my target. The man is tall, slender, has a briefcase that I care nothing of. I can tell he is one healthy man by the way he looks. My long black hair waves in the wind, I make my way closer and closer to they man. "Excuse me." I say in my sweetest voice. The man turns around startled. "Oh greetings little lady. What are ya doin out here this late at night?" He said. He must've grown up on a farm. Strange. "I've lost my way and can't get back. Could you help me?" I ask. "Sure thing!" He says politely. "Which way?" He asks. I point towards the trees. "I live on the other side of these trees. I lost my way and couldn't find my cabin." I pout and fake cry. "I'm scared sir, I've never been lost before." I begin to let tears fall down my cheeks. They taste of salt, something I hate. "Well then, come on. Hey what's your name?" He asks. "Alice." "Nice to meet you Alice, the names Anthony." He replied cheerfully.

A few minutes later we are in the middle of the woods. "So tell me about yourself Anthony." I asked. "We'll I have two kids, both girls. I love them to death, sweetest things you'll ever meet. My wife is the love of my life. Known her since high school. I love my job, and if I were to die today or tomorrow I would be sad because my baby girls would be Fatherless." He explained. I stop walking and look at him. He loves how whole life, his family, his job, everything. "I'm sorry Anthony, but I must go." I say and take off running into the trees, always from him. "Alice! Wait! What about your house?!" He yelled at me. I ignore him and kept running. I can't kill him, it's not right to kill someone who loves his family this much. Over the past years I've lived, I've killed many innocent people. But this is the first time I've never killed my prey. Maybe next time, next time I'll be cold and kill them anyway. What's happening to me? When I arrive home I lay in my bed and close my eyes. I imagine the moon and stars, the blood I so desperately wanted to taste. I'll just have to wait until tomorrow.


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