Goodbye -Original Story-

I like this, for some reason. Not executed well, but I'm just trying to get by.
Gosh the transitions bug me. Sudushsjjd

Chapter 1

Long Sleeves

"Why are you wearing long sleeves?"
"Because I'm cold."
"But it's like pretty warm."
"I still feel cold."
"You didn't think this was cold weather last year."
"Part of growing up."
We walked the rest of the way to the store in silence.
"Are you going to get what you always do?"
"Do you really need that many box cutters?" My friend scoffs.
"They're to open the packages of my many suitors," I deadpan.
"Was that supposed to be a joke?"

She smirks at me as I walk into school the next morning.
"Oh, not only are you wearing long sleeves, but sweat pants too?"
I give her a half smile and sit down.

"Do you want to hang out tonight?" She asks on our walk home.
"Sorry... I'm busy."
And she leaves it at that.

"Oh come on, it's summer! Let's go swimming!" She pleads over the phone. I haven't talked to her since school let out.
"I have other plans." I hear her sigh. I know she's disappointed.
"Later, okay?"
"Yeah. Sure."
I don't talk to her again until school starts.

"Already wearing long sleeves again?" She laughs as I see her for the first time after summer.
It's not an inside joke. I stare at the desk in front of me. Trying to avoid anyone's gaze.
"What's that on your jacket?" She asks as she tugs at my sleeve.
"Just lipstick." I don't even look at it.

"Are you okay?" First time we've talked in weeks.
"Just thinking."
"Thinking is dangerous," she states.
I know.

I hold the razor blade in one hand, leaning over the sink, when a text flashes across my phones screen.
let's hang out tomorrow, kay?
sure. I reply.
Goodnight, she says.
Goodbye, I say.
And you never think twice.


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