Daughter of A Witch

Wow, these Quibblo writing contests are actually kind of fun. I got an honorable mention for my Autumn poem (which I could not believe, by the way) so I thought, "Why not just take a crack at the next contest?" Here it is.

And I think bullying is an amazing inspiration!

Chapter 1

Wild Card

"Hey! You. Yeah, you." A masculine, almost feral voice growls impatiently at me from a couple of yards away. "Witch spawn."
I shuffle the loose soil with a worn leather loafer, biting my lip and wishing that I were in another place-- another time. Whatever. Anything would be better than this... this wretchedness.
"I said, hey!" Clarke yells. "Gimme those cursed jewels, freak." Trembling I look up.
"My name's-- my name's Alice," I say passively. .Futilely,. I bitterly think. .I'm so useless. I can't even keep a bully like Clarke off my back. He's-- he's so much more than I am..
Yes, and I'm rewarded by a sadistic laugh. "Ha! Witch Spawn here thinks her momma's smart enough to give her a name. She's a witch, her momma and her both are."
I shut my eyes tightly against Clarke's hard words, but cannot stop the first hissing signs of a tear burn under my eyelids. I will it not to slip out. "My--my momma's not a w--w--witch, Cl--Clarke."
Clarke simply sneers at me. The entire courtyard of the Academy For High Education and Heightened Studies now is looking at Clarke and me, coldly eager for a fight. Clarke Wildborne, son of a duke, seems to enjoy the attention of the others' stone stares. His heavyset figure starts to prowl around my petrified, stick-thin frame. "I said gimme those jewels, Witch Spawn." He growls. My fists uselessly clench and unclench, over and over;
"So? Your momma didn't teach you enough 'bout witchery?" Clarke jeers. "'Guess she and another man were busy havin' an affair. You ain't never gonna be rich, Witch Spawn." So he knew that Mum was seeing Joshua Gable, the wealthy man over the way.
"I--I--" I stammer, losing my courage and my voice. "I-- no! Mum is--"
"See? Ain't even smart enough to summon her words!" Clarke grins with a sinister leer. "Now, how 'bout that gem o' yours?"
I choke-- opening my mouth, I'm about to--
But then. A memory overtakes me in a swirl of light. Nobody deserves to be punished so much that he should take a gem from you. Mother sadly reprimands me. That very day, I'd tempted my childhood enemy, Laurelle, into accepting one of my jewels. Within the next hour, she fell into the sweating sickness and passed away.
And, somehow... it was my fault.

My mum had no true magical power. She was simply a young, pretty woman with heightened wisdom and intellectual capacity. But .I. had. I could summon jewels out of the ground by sheer force of will, but-- there was catch. A price.
There always was.
Whoever touched my jewels with their bare skin suffered from nothing less than death. Oh, it had seemed like a blessing, before everything happened... I was gazed at in admiration at school... everybody knew me as Miss Fravel's sweet little girl who found jewels like a fish to a worm. But that was before tragedies began to occur. First it was affectionate Farmer Henlley; he died of a heart attack when Mother paid for our food with one plump ruby. Then, Pastor Jame's kindhearted wife, who had died of a mysterious ailment a mere hour after we'd given a diamond bracelet to her to celebrate her and her husband's 6-year anniversary.
See. This is when our misfortune began.
"HEY! You deaf as well as witch spawn?" Clarke yells, jolting me back into the present. "Gimme that jewels! Your momma is a witch. Her witchery skipped you, eh? She's nothing but a wanton."
When my fingers curled into fists this time, I pushed all warnings to the back, the very back of my mind. A small fissure opened up in the space in front of my feet. And-- a small sapphire sprang into being. Clarke's eyes opened wide.
"WITCH!" He cackled gleefully, and swooped down to snatch the jewel up. I'm suddenly wildly panicked. Nobody deserved this fate. Mum was absolutely correct. I shouldn't have let my rash actions get the better of me!
"No." I speak, assertively now. "No, I shall not allow you to hurt yourself on my account." I sweep the gem up into my gloved hand carefully. And prepare myself for what I'm about to do.
"AND SHOVE OFF!!!!" I scream, as loud as I can. "YOU'VE BEEN NOTHING BUT A PAIN SINCE THE FIRST DAY I HAVE EVER MET YOU!" My hysterical voice echoes throughout the courtyard, and my now-rage-filled eyes swept the crowd of shocked faces.
Clarke stands, shocked tat I'd managed to turn the tide. "Wha--"
"DON'T TALK! I'm the one doing the talking now." I rant. "I've had enough of your taunts. My mother is probably more intelligent than your whole high-and-mighty family combined. And she's not a witch!! SO SHOVE OFF."
Clarke looks like a schoolboy caught smuggling a sandwich into the classroom. To my surprise, Clarke opens his mouth and says, "Okay." Simply that. And-- I'v transformed into whole new person.

When the crowd has dispersed, Clarke grins at me and pretends to shoot a gun. "Next time, when the tides are turned..." He says, "I'll get you." But it's without his old anger and malice-- instead, it's filled with new kinship.
"We'll see about that, Clarke Wildborne." I laugh, flipping my hair.


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