5 Seconds Of Summer Love Story

Read below lovelies!

Chapter 1

The Story


^^^ That's the link to my 5 Seconds Of Summer Love Story: Good Girls Are Bad Girls

Please, please, please check it out. For a while I forgot my Quibblo password and therefor I started posting this story on a different site. But because I don't have many friends on 'Quotev' it makes me sad and it's not as enjoyable to write and no one is reading. I've been too lazy to post it here because it's already up to 13 chapters as of today. If y'all could pretty please check it out and let me know what you think, I'll be so grateful! So follow me on Quotev and I'll follow back, or if you really love the story just give me a shout and I'll post it here.

Thank you all so much! xo


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