The Special Few

I just started working on this story and decided that I wouldn't write it down so it would actually be able to make it to the computer. (Sorry about the other stories.....I may get to them eventually....)

Chapter 1

The message that binds us now

by: topbmfc
Dear reader,
If you were given this letter on a street corner and you are able to read it then you are one of the few. You can even check with other people to see if they can read it if you would like. Chances are unless you are lucky enough to be near one of the other six then they will not be able to read it. I have sent this to you knowing that I will soon be killed in battle by what I will soon be telling you about. SO you can take my place when this does happen. When I meet you face to face do not consider me a pessimist from this sentence alone. I know this will happen, and I know it cannot be avoided in order to save this planet from what will kill me. What is threatening this planet is not what most people believe it to be, it is not some race from a foreign planet, it is not even away from home. This enemy that threatens to destroy us was created on this planet. Created by my own ancestors and many of your own. This letter is how I know that you are one of their descendants, but that will be explained when I finally meet you. when you feel the time is right head back to the street corner this was handed to you on. I will meet you there.
The Leader.

Three woman and four men were given this letter. They all thought almost nothing about it until a day nearly three years after the letters had been given.
On this day while they were going about their normal days until they heard a whisper. A whisper only audible to them, but not loud enough to be completely understood. So they all walked, subconsciously picking up their letters and slowly heading towards the corner they had received them. The whisper soon became louder, " are needed.....You are one of the last....The last line of defense...."

They all followed the voice and stopped on the corner, which was now abandoned all except for them.

The first of the men was a man by the name of Michael. He had been both a doctor and a soldier in the last war. A very deadly war. He had seen to much death while over seas and it had slowly worn him down to nothing more than a scarred man trying to leave the war behind.

The second of the men was an optimistic man by the name of Jeremy. Jeremy was the one that could never stop smiling, and he was a comedian. He always made people laugh no matter what mood they were in. He was the trickster that always thought of a new way to do solve a problem.

The third man was always serious. His name was Nathan. He was the banker who was always aware of the slightest things. A muscle tightening, the fidgeting of a finger, the terrified look of people who knew they had no more money. He noticed every single detail.

The last man was an artist by the name of Henry. Henry was the type of person that could remember any fact he wished but chose not to. He was constantly looking for new ideas and a challenge. Nothing ever challenged him, and that is why he was always looking.

The first of the women was a lady by the name of Martha. She was a mechanic and could build you anything you wanted or needed. As long as you told exactly what. She had been an inventor for the longest time, but as her life slowly passed by she ran out of ideas.

The second of the women was a spokesperson by the name of Lisa. She could make you believe anything if you decided to listen to her. She had once gotten a whole crowd of politicians to believe that there was a spy for Adolf Hitler in the room, long after the Nazi's had been defeated.

The last woman was a gravedigger by the name of Kaylee. She was serious about her job and always paid the dead their respect. She loved listening to their backstories from family members and friends. She learned many things this way, through the telling of stories, It seemed to be the only way she could learn.

These seven had gathered together on this abandoned street corner. All of them having nothing seemingly in common with any of the rest, except for the letter all of them now held in their hands. The letter that no one except themselves were able to read.

The letter that had sealed their fate.


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