Acme Awards (Important Mail, Must read. Chapter 4 Updated)

Acme Awards (Important Mail, Must read. Chapter 4 Updated)

Okay, I've mentioned yesterday that an Acme Awards will be going om her on Quibblo. And to all you people that receive this invite, please sent the links to everyone that I don't have friends for. This concerns everyone here on Quibblo. Mark your calender, the day of the awards is November 20th. This award show will be sponsored by the man who created this website, Quibblo.
*Sorry for the error in the first time I posted this I've fix it and here are the rest. They are also in chapter 2 too.

Chapter 1

The Acme Awards. (Updated and fix)

Okay, so I'm going to list all the awards here. And I'm going to let everyone put there word for the nominees. When you comment I need to know the award and who the nominee is. I will only be taking for choices for each award.

1. The Anvil Award- This award will be chosen by me. Next year the winner of the Acme Award will pick. The nominees will be voted by you. This award will be given to any of the best writer.
2. Best Group Stories- This award will be one of the selections that you can choose as the nominees. This award will go to the story and writer in the group. Please mention the author that started the group story.
3. Best Poems-This award will be given to the writer with the best poem. I need the poem and the writer of the poem.
4. Best Short Stories- This award is given to the writer with the best short story. The name of the short story and the author.
5. Best Novel and Scripts- This is a shared award for the novelist and script writers. Since there is a very few scripts written it was only best to put them in one award. Need the name of the novel or the script and it's author.
6. Best Personality Quiz- This is given to the writer of the personality quizzes. This does not include reposts of any kind. Need the personality quiz and the author.
7. Best Scored Quiz- This is given to the writer of the scored quizzes. Again this only includes the original quizzes. Name of the quiz and the author.
8. Best Open Ended Question- This is given to the writer with the best question. All original questions though. Name of the question and the author.
9. Best Surveys- This is given to the writer with the best survey. Must be original surveys.
10. Best Polls- This is given to the writer with the best polls. Must be original polls.
11. The Acme Award- This award does not get a nominee. This award is given to the person who will represent next years Acme Awards. This is the highest honor in the Acme Awards. If you get this then you are shown as one of the best author and person on Quibblo. This award will never be given to the same person twice.

After the awards are announce then these awards can be listed in your about me, if you choose to let everyone remember your accomplishments here on Quibblo. And I hope everyone enjoys the first year of the Acme Awards.

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