Alex vs The Dead

Chapter 1

Alex vs The Dead

by: RIP_Tom
It's like a battle in my head,
A life of pain filled with dread.
They told me I wasn't meant to be,
But they never did truly see.
It's a war of memories good and bad,
Look at what your son's become, dad.
I know your secret it's come undone,
You never loved me, you're pathetic mum.
Razors only cut so deep,
All the lies that you can't keep.
It's Alex vs the dead,
Watch where you tread.
Wouldn't want to destroy your meth,
Closer and closer to a planned death.
I hope you burn in hell for what you've done,
Destroyed a life, one of your own son.
I'll burn your body and burn the ash,
I'll sell the remains for lowly cash.
It's Alex vs The Dead and I'm gonna win.


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