Diary of a typical girl.

The title pretty much says it all, I am literally going to be writing thoughts and little things that have been going on, like a blog or diary style thing, yes it will all be stuff that is happening to me, just cause i feel like writing this.

Chapter 1

25th September 2013

Its the holidays over here, in Australia. And the weather is finally getting warmer, which means all the things I love will be coming back, salads, maxi skirts, drinks down at the river, daylight savings, really tacky little things. I love having dinner down by the river and sitting out the front of the house till bed time just because its nice weather and I feel like a cool drink. Where I live, Melbourne in the city I am across the road from the Yarra river, and when its warm its beautiful.

While the holidays are here my step-brother will be coming down he is 7 and he lives over in New Zealand with his mum, he will be down on Friday, its Wednesday now, we also have a wedding to go to on Saturday up in my home town Echuca, the wedding is going to be held out on a farm in a paddock and I will be singing there, dont exactly know what to sing yet, really need to figure that out.

I have decided to have a quote of the day weather it means something to me, or it i just like it, alot of them will be from anime, and some will be common little sayings that i have heard and like. So this one is from D Gray Man, and it was said by Mana Walker...

"Never Stop, Keep on Walking."

Love always,
Steph. (HelpMeUpWhenIFallDown)

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