R.I.P Yuki

Please do remember him in your hearts...

Chapter 1

May you rest in peace....

As some of you might know....I have been dating this guy named Yuki...well...um...I was notified by our mutual friend Kikyo_Guardian..that umm..he is no longer with us...and he is now..um...he's dead. This is really a bit of a shock to me....I can't believe this happened. I knew he was in the hospital due to injuries he received due to his brother...but I thought that he was like getting better...and to umm..find out that he died....this is just breaking my heart. So do note..that if I seem upset for any sort of reason...it has to do with that...and please do remember him in our hearts. Cause that's where we will always remember him and please do pray for his family.

We will all miss you Yuki........But I will miss you most of all..... T.T


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