How You Were Born ( A Birthday Present to Foreshadow)

So even though our "family" has grown exponentially... I'll try to make it into a story!!!!

To READERS!!!! ~~ Do you have anything in your gigantic photo albums that is related to Harry Potter or Eragon???
If you do please send it to Foreshadow!!! Her birthday is somewhere in the ninth month!! ( That's September for those who follow the lunar calendar and have some other month....)

Chapter 1

In The Beggining....

.... A shocked Draco Malfoy stood limply in the forest. A unicorn's horn was buried into his chest. He couldn't feel any pain at all as the unicorn withdrew it's horn and tromped away significantly. "I think I'm dying," whispered Draco, but to his surprise, the wound closed. All that was left was a glob of .... green? Wait just a minute! Why was my blood green? Draco panicked and jumped up, staring at his green blood. I must be dreaming, thought Draco as he fainted.

The next day, a sickly Draco married Austria Greengrass. They had twin girls. The eldest they named Helen. Helen was an adventurer. She would wander around and explore. One day Helen wandered very far away from home and was stolen by a guy who sold her. Helen ended up in Africa. We'll pick up her story later.
The other child was more sensible and a deadly magician. They named her Selene, after the moon goddess. But Selene was too good of a wizard. So good she ended up destroying the wizarding world.
Well, a good deal of it anyways.
Selene's memories were wiped, her powers locked, and she was given to American Muggles, who were bewitched to think Selene was their own daughter. They renamed Selene Foreshadow*.

Astoria Greengrass, or rather Mrs. Malfoy was heart broken. She tried to drown herself in a bathtub full of antiaging cream. Unfortunately she didn't die but became a baby. Draco, tired of children, put the baby in a bag and sent her to America via the mail system.

Remember that unicorn that stabbed Draco? His name was Saraklei and poor Saraklei was heavily injured and really ticked off. A foolish female tried to pet him once, but Saraklei ended up stabbing her and infecting her blood with his DNA. Unfortunately the woman was pregnant and gave birth to two boys; Jessie and Will ( Foreshadow's step brothers?).

Jessie was a player and had an affair with a panda named Sumi. Sumi gave birth to two daughters; Tiffani and Lynn.

Remember Helen? She had became a warrior, growing up in the tough terrains of Africa. One day, a sailor named Donna saved Helen ( now renamed Heath) and Heath fell in love with Heath. They married in Donna's house, with Donna's parents (France & Prussia) and Donna's sister (Em.). Heath was also adopted by a loving couple too, much to the annoyance of Saraklei.

Somewhere in between this, Heath married another wife ( Crystal), had a daughter ( Alice) , and Crystal and Donna had a daughter ( Abr.).

So anyways, back to Saraklei. One day Saraklei met the Sister of Everyone, Marianna, who turned the unicorn into a female fairy. Somewhere in the heat of a year, Saraklei had two daughters, {Unknown} and Ambrose. Ambrose married Saria and had a monkey boy named Spiky. {Unknown} married {Unknown2} and had two gifted fairy children named Vivi and Abreu.

Selene has grown much and had even adopted a beautiful daughter named Eve.
*. Selene also had an affair with a person named Tiffani and they had a son named Zabini***.
Tiffani was married to Selene's sister, Heath...

Anyhow, Heath was getting married.... again! Welcome wife # 4~ Embers!.
That day, Tiffani met a hot guy named Will and they married and had three kids named Rachel, Nathan, and .... Amy? Well who cares. There all invisible anyways (a gene inherited from their father.).

And everything was peaceful for a while...

And then the Fire Nation attacked and an amazing year ended....

But wait! How does the mysterious Analisa tie into this? And did Heath just get another wife??

~Look.. The Family Just Got Bigger!~

Sumi married some other person and had another daughter... Sumi also has a sister named Rumilia. Oh and Sumi claims that she never had an affair with Jessie and that Tiffani and Lynn are actually hers and Heaths children, not Sumi's and Jessie's...

Crystal (Heath's Wife #2) also married a guy, had a kid named Yoko (an egg). Yoko died, and Crystal divorced... Crystal has a sister.

So remember those **** next to Zabini? Well Zabini ran away and enrolled into The Chicago University Of Arts and graduated in the top of his classes and is now the vice president of Uganda...

And remember the *** next to Eve? Well Eve has a sister named Fall and sadly their mother has amnesia so doesn't really know she has kids...

Oh yes! Lynn married a horse! How come? Well you see in the future, many years from now, Lynn married The Doctor and has a kid but unfortunately something unfortunate happens and The Doctor uses the last of his powers to throw himself and his child into the past but the deed was done and The Doctor became a statue of a horse.

I might as well turn this thing into a story.....


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