Hetalia Birthday Scenario Game

Just get on with it.

Chapter 1

What are you?

Use your birthday to find out what you are!

January-Married to
February-Handcuffed (for life) to
March-in love with you
April-Best friends with
May-Live together
June-Stuck on an island with
July-Rule the world with
August-Epic Showdown with
September-stalks you
October-Mortal enemies with
November-Start a band with
December-steals your clothes and wears them

1-Hungary- Elizaveta Hedervary
2-Austria-Roderich Edelstein
3-Prussia-Gilbert Weillschmidt
4-Canada-Matthew Williams
5-Poland-Feliks Lukasiewiez
6-Latvia-Raivis Galante
7-Estonia-Eduard Von Bock
8-Belarus-Natalia Alfroskaya
9-Switzerland-Vash Zwingli
10-Finland-Tino Vainamomen
11-Sweden-Berwald Oxenstierna
13-Greece-Heracles Karpusi
14-Egypt-Gupta Muhammad Hassan
15-Lithuania-Toris Lorinatis
16-Korea-Im Yong Soo
17-Sealand-Peter Kirkland
18-Italy-Feliciano Vargas
19-Turkey-Sadiq Annan
20-Japan-Honda Kiku
21-America-Alfred F. Jones
22-England-Arthur Kirkland
23-France-Francis Bonnefoy
24-China-Yao Wang
25-Russia-Ivan Braginski
26-Spain-Antionio Fernandez Carriedo
27-Romano Lovino Vargas
28-Ancient Rome
30-Holy Roman Empire
31-Flying Mint bunny

I'm...Rule the world with Sweden!


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