One Direction Preferences (Open)

Comments any requests! No personal requests sorry!

Chapter 1

What the fans love about you

Niall: The fans love how your down to earth. They love how you interact with them, and even get Niall to follow and tweet more fans.

Louis: The fans love how you two always do funny twitcams together! You always have cute arguments on twitter which the fans find hilarious!

Zayn: You make him happy! Whenever Zayn is with you he is always smiling! You even got him to cut back on smoking.

Harry: Your just like them! Your still starstruck that THE Harry Styles is dating you. Your really a fangirl at heart. You write fanficiton and our obsessed with tumblr!

Liam: Your not afraid to be yourself. Your quirky and shy but your true to yourself! Your always telling fans they are beautiful, and they find you inspiring.

A/N Hey guys! So I know this is short and not very good but they will get better and longer! Please leave requests in the comments or message me!


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