Chapter 1


welcome to the land of the brainwashed

please take a seat
if you are a man, feel free to take up a lot of room
if you are a woman, cross your legs
keep your elbows tight to your sides
look feminine and dainty

direct your eyes to the screen
this man
is your saviour
and he will be the one
to raise you from perdition
you do not have an opinion on this
or a choice
this is called your religion
and this is what it is

ladies, look to your left
you shall see a catwalk
and size-zero replicas of each other
waltzing up and down
in ridiculously expensive clothes
this is how you must look
and this is how you must dress
go to any lengths to achieve it

gentlemen, look to your right
you will be faced with one of two things
there will be two attractive men
one will be shirtless and tanned
with a washboard chest and acres of abs
he will be young and handsome
the other will be dressed in a suit
carrying a breifcase
with a chiseled jaw and eyes of steel
you must strive to achieve either of these two appearances
and go to any lengths to do so

remember to always be successful
have a lot of money
have a respectable job
marry a member of the opposite gender
have two children
send them to a nice school
and to college
they will do well in school
and better in college

whatever you do
make sure that you are not
the slightest bit different

we are the brainwashed generation
and you are one of us


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