Don't Look Behind You -Original Story-

Maybe I'll edit this later and make it better, but I really don't know what to do with it, I'm kind of happy with it, to be honest.
So leave whatever comments/critiques you have, I always appreciate them.

Chapter 1

Paranoid Feeling

You ever have the feeling something is behind you, or you're being watched? Maybe you feel like you need to check behind your shower curtains, or open halfway closed doors.
It's just a paranoid feeling, or maybe it's habit, to make sure you're alone when you know you should be.
And what would you do if something was there? An actual person, or a paranormal entity. What would you do? Try to defend yourself, try to escape, what is there to do? You know you're caught, it knows it has you.
Why look at your death? Wouldn't you rather die unknowingly? Maybe it's better not to know what you see in the corner of your eye.
Why live your worst fears before you die?

Feel that chill down your spine, see the little thing in your peripheral vision, hear that sound that's out of place?
Don't look behind you.


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