They Call Me Mr Nice Guy

Chapter 1

They Call Me Mr Nice Guy

by: RIP_Tom
They call me Mr Nice Guy,
Running with the big tie.
I don't know why they call me that,
I think I'm more like a rat.
The small cunning little thing,
Hiding under mummy's wing.
Get out of my head,
I know you're dead.
I saw it for myself a rotting corpse,
A nightmare of the sort.
You were the best person I'd met,
But you were hiding in le tête.
Back to the subject, okay,
I think we met in late May.
Just pierce the fucking veil,
King for a day so heil.
Bulls in the Bronx and bulletproof love,
Sent in lyrics sent from above.
Adam Ant I love you.
Adam Ant I do.


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