Quinn Harris is just your average teenager. She can drive. She has her own car. She has a job. Her life's perfect. But lately thing shave been way out of line. Her mother just died. Her boyfriend is cheating on her and her father has turned to drugs. She is alone except for her teddy bear Wes.

Chapter 1

Teardrops Fall Harder Than Raindrops

by: oreoz
It's a stormy night. There's been flash floods and power outages in most of Texas. I feel around in the dark. I can't find my emergency flashlight or my phone. But I do find Wes. I cling to it. I know my father isn't home. But I still call out, "Roger?" Of course no one's voice answers.

I look through the drawers to find my keys. I walk out the door with Wes under my arm. I'm driving to Oklahoma to stay with my drunkard uncle. He's all I have left. It's very close since we live practically on the border.


I drive until the tank is almost empty. The rain has stopped at least. I pull off to the side of the road and look in my purse. Where's my wallet?! I left it. i don't have enough gas t o make it back. I double check to make sure. All I see is a picture of me and my ex Dallas, a note, and a pizza coupon. Wait. A note? It reads "Turn the car around. -D" I feel somewhat scared. But I keep driving. After a few minutes I get a text. It says "You're almost out of gas. Turn around. -D" I don't know who it is. The number is blocked but t has the D at the end. So I grip my steering wheel and hit the gas. After a few minutes pass I pull over. I get out. There the note is again. "Now you're stuck. I'm coming to get you."

After all the notes and mystery you cry out, “This isn’t funny. Whoever the hell you are, come out or I’m calling the cops.”

A voice calls out, “Do it then. No one’s stopping you. I just wanted you to stay with me since my house is so close to the border and all.”

It’s Dallas. “Dallas?” I call. No answer. I hear my car door shut and then peek inside. There he is, smile beaming, eyes full of mystery and joy.


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