A Cannon, A Boy, A Girl (A Hunger Games Group Story)

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Chapter 1

Training Day

by: oreoz
-Career Camps In District 4-
-Districts 1,2, and 4-

I run away from the thick smoke that almost fully engulfs my old home. Why would they raid during the day? When everyone is watching. Everyone's a witness. I forget my little sister plays in the back room. That's the only place I didn't check for my family. I try to run to her but the roof caves in and the only sound you can hear is that of the fire. I wake up breathing hard, hot and drenched in sweat. I throw off my covers. I whisper, "That's enough sleep for one night. I'll go practice." I move quietly around the room toward the door. Out of nowhere my friend's hand grabs my ankle and I plummet to the floor. I curse in pain while she covers my mouth to keep me quiet. I force her away and curse under my breath. "What was that for?" "Shh! You know the guards are always outside the door on Training Day. It's hard enough to go to the bathroom on a regular day. They're not gonna let you go." "Says who?" "Says the guard that wouldn't let me go. I tried already. I couldn't sleep, just like you. I miss my family, just like you. I'm still a kid, just like you." "Oh I forgot. Oh wait! But most of my family's dead, unlike you!" I hear the door creak a little and I know Victoria's right. I pretended to sleep right where I was. Problem is I can't fake sleep. The guard saw my act and had no question I was faking. But he still just left. How odd. I whisper "Why can't the odds be ever in my favor?" "Well they kinda have. You haven't gotten drawn in a Reaping have you?" "No, and if I did someone volunteered immediately after the fact. But you have." "And someone volunteered. Just think about before the kids were trained and they started getting drawn WITHOUT a volunteer." She's right.

I fell asleep again with the same nightmare replaying in my head as usual.

I shot up again. This time streaks of dawn appeared out of my window. I got Victoria up and said, "Come to the Stadium with me, please?" She nodded as she wiped the sleep out of her eyes.

We stretched and did a couple laps around the track. Then we each picked up a sword. My long sword, Excalibur, struck fear into the heart of an enemy. That and I'm the most skilled swordsman in the entire girls’ training camp of the Hunger Games. Victoria grabbed a far less intimidating set of knives that I call Killers. With one strike most people start to realize that it's really heavy. Which just means if it hits it hurts. And, well, if it cuts correctly you can call yourself dead. I stepped to my side of the line and shook Victoria's hand for show to the guards and cameras.

It was nearly dawn and no one was on the track yet. I said, "You'd think they'd be here by now. The Reaping's tomorrow. I would get in as much practice as possible just to stay alive in the games." "Wait, you...are gonna volunteer... tomorrow?" "I didn't make that clear?" "To be honest, not really. But I thought last year we agreed on me going to be the volunteer." "Ok fine. We'll fight for it." First one down loses." "Agreed."

I was smart not to turn my back for too long knowing that Victoria would try to attack me. I turned around and she was gone. I looked all around me. After a few minutes i sat on the track and waited for anyone else to show up. Suddenly, Victoria had me in a very tight head lock. I would either let her choke me or spare my own life. I tapped on her shoulder as I dropped my sword. She though I quit. She was wrong. I picked up Excalibur and charged at her. I wrestled her to the ground. She kicked me off of her and it hurt. I tried to keep my focus. She threw three knives my way. I ducked and fell to the ground only to have a knife grazing my neck. I said, "You win this fair and square. You volunteer. I don't want to even have the odds of being killed. But if I get picked, let me go in. Deal?" Victoria wiped the blood on her knife on my shirt. She said, "You volunteer for your district, I'll volunteer for mine. Make it interesting." I nodded and lied where I was. I thought 'If I'm in the games with her, she's going to kill me. I can't do that to my family. Jarrett and Tyler would have to use tesserae. Mum would kill me. She hang me out to dry with the fishing nets.'


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