Quails on the Cliffs of Marigold

Quails on the Cliffs of Marigold

Group story with darkxXxside, Quotegal and prcy_808.

Chapter 2

Of Worries and Quotes

by: Eunoia
The girl fidgeted with her jacket. It was far too thin to beat the frigid air that made her skin prickle, as if there were hundreds of needles piercing every inch of her skin. Her suitcase was beginning to grow heavy, but her rigid grip on the handle didn't budge.

Being in the midst of a sea of people, she couldn't help but glance at the strangers around her. One by one, people around her were called and the mass of people began to deflate. The air was thick with tension and anxiety, and the girl realized that she was shaking. What if she didn't like it here? Worrisome scenarios flooded her mind.

"Lila Quote, room 12C, section 14." The loud voice penetrated her uneasy thoughts. And although Lila Quote had chosen her new name only ten minutes ago, its ring seemed to trigger something familiar inside her. She was guided out the room by a representative called Per Ception, who smiled welcomingly before launching into a quick lecture.

Per Ception's eyes were a powder blue, and her auburn hair was tied up. Lila noticed that her skin seemed to catch the light differently. It looked shiny under the bright glare of the light, as if it were made of wax. They stopped walking once they came across a small door.

"This is it," Per Ception said, looking from Lila to the door. She offered one last encouraging smile before she turned to go, leaving the girl alone with only her neurotic thoughts and a door.

Once Per Ception had gone, Lila Quote ran her hands over the door's smooth wood. Her hands found themselves on the brass knob, but she hesitated. Just one turn of the lukewarm knob would be the start of a new life for her, a new home.

Her old life, the only thing she knew so well, would have to be left behind. Perhaps someday it would become nothing but a faded memory, nice to think about but no longer hers.

Lila shook away the thoughts. There was no turning back now. She turned the knob timidly and gently pushed the door open.

Inside it was vacant, except for the small desk that had been placed in the center of the room. On top of it sat a single sheet of paper. There was a perfectly sharpened pencil next to it, the eraser fresh and new.

There were several printed questions on the paper, a few of them requiring thoughtless answers, such as questions asking for her name and age. But there were also questions that Lila had to stop and reflect on before scribbling down her answers.

There was one question in particular that seemed to stand out from the others. What do you see yourself doing in the future?

It was a mind boggling question. The future seemed so distant, too far away to ponder quite yet. Lila had spent so much time drowning in the present and constantly looking back, she'd never quite looked up and ahead.

So where did she see herself in the future? Lila could see herself writing. A successful author, inspiring other young writers everywhere. Not to mention she'd graduate from an impressive college. And perhaps one day she'd start a family, and move somewhere beautiful and calming, like the countryside or somewhere near a beach, even. She wrote furiously as wondrous images pervaded her mind.

When she had finished answering all the questions, she set the pencil down and massaged her rigid hands. Then she turned the sheet over to make sure there were no more questions, there were words printed at the top of the page, barely noticeable because the ink seemed to have been running short. After you are finished answering the questions, please remain seated until someone comes to show you to your room.

Oddly enough, waiting was not a problem. "Staying seated", however, was quickly abused and ignored. She got out of her seat and stretched, pacing around the room as anxiety began to creep back into her mind. Her thoughts were clouded and troubling, and she could feel another storm of nervousness brewing.

The door opened and gave a quiet creak. Lila whipped around, startled.

A girl with thin-rimmed glasses and glossy black hair poked her head in. "Miss Quote?"

"Er..." Lila responded intelligently.

The representative smiled gently, "My name is Kristi Napalm. You can follow me to your room." Then spotting the dumb look on Lila's face, Kristi's almond eyes were filled with concern. "Are you alright?"

Swallowing the lump in her throat and nodding vigorously, Lila followed Kristi Napalm out the door and down the endless hall.

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