No Longer Mine~A Tale of Sirius Black

One off story about the life of Sirius Black. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

No Longer Mine

Everyone always assumed that Sirius never had a girl. They thought that he was too wild to settle down, too attached to parties and his bachelor way of life to meet anyone special. This, however, wasn't true. Before Sirius had been wrongly accused and sent to Azkaban, he was in love.

Sirius met her at school, as many couples do, but they never realised their feelings for one another until 2 years after they had left Hogwarts. The two remained casual acquaintances and eventually, after plucking up the courage, Sirius asked her on a date. He took her to a Muggle Coffee shop and the two chatted and laughed for hours. At the end of the date, Sirius asked her to be his girlfriend. Very flattered and embarrassed, she accepted at once.
A year and a half on, the young couple were very much in love and it was no surprise when Sirius proposed. They began making wedding plans. It was to be in the Winter with a month long honeymoon around the magical colonies of Europe.
But their plans were snatched away from them. There was to be no winter wedding. No magical honeymoon. No life with each other. On the night of Sirius' arrest, his fiancée was at home sitting by the warm, crackling fire reading through an Enchant Your Own Wedding brochure. Sirius had told her he was going for a drive, trying to shield her from what was about to happen. Sirius had still not returned home by the time she went up to bed and when a pair of ministry officials knocked on the door very late that night, she knew he never would return home.
On the first night after Sirius broke free from Azkaban, 12 years later, he went straight back to their home, half expecting to see her there. But when he got there, the house was different. The door that was once red was painted black, the hanging flower baskets had been replaced with a sign that said The Smithfields. Wherever she was it wasn't here. The lady who now lived in their old house had seen this odd man looking in and went out to ask if he was lost. Sirius found out that his love had moved to the other side of the village. He went as quickly as he could to a cluster of little houses at the far end of the village. The Victorian style street lamps cast a yellow glow down the cul-de-sac but not enough to make him easily seen. He walked straight to the in the middle of the houses to one with a blue door and flower beds in the front garden. A woman with golden blonde hair was sitting by the fire, reading a book to two little girls. The girls were gazing up at their mother, listening intently to the story. The woman closed the book for a moment and left the room. Sirius tried following her outside the house but ended up at the window again. The girls had golden hair like their mother and a look of cheerfulness about themselves. Their mother returned to the living room, cradling a bundle of blankets in her arms. As she sat down again, a tiny hand poked from the bundle and caused the blankets to fall a little revealing a young baby boy. Sirius must have stayed at the window for at least an hour just watching the family laugh and talk together. He would have stayed longer if a car hasn't proceeded to pull into the driveway. Sirius dived behind a willow bush and waited until the front door had opened and shut again before returning to the window.
The scene in the room had changed. Instead of feeling warmth from seeing the mother and her children together, he now felt anger and immense sorrow at the sight of their father joining them. He kissed his wife and tickled his daughters and then lifted his baby boy into his arms.
Here she was. The love of his life, right in front of him. And he couldn't run to her. He couldn't hold her in his arms and tell her he loves her. For she was not his to love. She was not the same girl he was going to marry anymore. She had moved on and married her husband. He had always wanted this kind of life for her though. She was happy, content, a mother, a wife, living her life the way she had dreamed it. But he wanted to live it with her. And here he was, on the outside looking in at what he could have had, the life he could have had with her.


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