Let Me Die

I wrote the first chapter of this awhile ago and just felt like writing a second chapter for it now.
Again, sorry it's so depressing......

Comment, and rate, and all that good stuff. :)

Chapter 1


Who would really notice if I was gone? I mean really? I have a whopping one friend and I only really see her at school.
My mother is always at work, my father wants nothing to do with me. The last time I saw him he called me a btich with mommy issues. That hurt.
I don't know what to do with these feelings.
I have been alive for fifteen long cruel years and in the last five years of that life not one person has even bothered to notice the scars on my arms or legs.
Does this mean I am depressed? I always hear about that sort of stuff on television.
Am I one of those people?
Just another statistic?
What do I do? When I don't want to be here anymore?
I don't believe in Heaven. Why should I believe in something that sounds that amazing when all I have ever known is this? This cold-hearted world full of violence and death?
I just want that silent peace that comes when you close your eyes forever.
And the bottle of pills I hold in my hand can give that to me.
All I have to do is take them and lay my head on the pale tile in the bathroom of this dingy old trailer.
We can't afford to live anywhere else.
We have always been here.
I don't want to struggle anymore.
I don't want to breathe.
I want peace.

I twist off the lid, turn the bottle upside down and let them fall into a pile on the tiled bathroom floor. I look around one last time. The walls are blue, the curtain over the window is blue, the bathtub is blue, everything is blue. Just like the sky. I think it's a good place to die. Surrounded by the sky. Like Heaven, only colder, and more alone. I look back to the pile of round white pills and feel a smile stretch across my face.
It's almost over.
I pick them up one by one and swallow them all until I start feeling funny.
My mind starts to get foggy, I can't focus on any of the things that use to haunt my thoughts and that makes me happy. I am finally about to be free of all the pain that use to suffocate me. My vision blurs and I close my eyes. I feel myself starting to slip away, my stomach hurts but I don't pay any attention to it. I feel my heart starting too slow.
I am so close to peace.
But something is wrong.
I try to ignore it but it is hard.
I can hear voices.

No! Go away! Don't try to save me! I want to die! Let me die!

It is my mother. I can hear her voice, loud as it always is. I feel her touching me. I wish she would leave and let me slip away. She wan't suppose to be home for another hour. I should have been long dead by then.
But I wan't, and now she was trying to rip me away from the first peace I had felt in years.

Just let me die....

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