So I started a Matching Game series on Quibblo...

Read on to find out more.

Chapter 1

What's this Matching Game you speak of Icy? + Season 1

Well, for those of you actually reading this, it's exactly what it sounds like: matching games. They're in the scored quiz format of course. The reason why I'm writing this is to explain that I'm not making a one-time quiz- I plan on making a whole series out of it. And like any series, this Matching Game series will have seasons. Season one is Political Geography- matching capitals. I already made the first quiz of the series and season, which was matching the U.S state capitals with their respective states (here's a link if you didn't take it:‎). I'm also in the process of making the second installment, which is similar to the U.S quiz, but instead of matching capitals with states you're matching capital with provinces and territories of Canada.

Basically, I'd really appreciate it if you guys took these Matching Game quizzes. Also, feel free to comment in this story or Matching Game quizzes if you have any suggestions, positive/negative feedback, etc. You can also message me if you want. And to those of you who read this, thank you for taking the time to do so. Remember to comment with any suggestions and/or ideas!



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