Why S'ex Hurts Girls (re-post)


Chapter 1

This is scary...

News there was a girl who submitted a tape. and it was a phone conversation between a girl and her boyfriend.
This is how it went:
Amber: Ronny, are you gonna come over tomorrow to meet my mom? Like I said before, she really wants to meet you
Ronny: Of course, honey. I know how much this means to you. When would you like me to come over?
Amber: How about 6-ish? Hey Ronny, what's that tapping sound?
Ronny: What?! I don't hear anything... You're probably imagining things, sweetheart
Amber: Quit joking around, Ronny!! Stop making that noise. It's getting louder!
Ronny: I don't joke, you should know that by now... I love you so much, and I would never lie to you...
Amber: It's starting to hurt my ears!!!!! How can you NOT hear that?! Hold on, there's someone at the door... I'll be right back! Don't miss me too much! She answers the door and sees Ronny standing there, holding a knife and a phone
Ronny: Hey, honey... I've missed you... He slaughtered Amber and when her parents came at six the next day he killed them too
If you don't repost this bulletin in two hours, Amber will crawl out from under your bed in your sleep and murder you. The last thing you will see are her rotting eyes and the phone...still in her hand and repost this with the title :( why s*x hurts girls :( No bull! 8 people have died from not reposting)


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