One Direction "Best Song Ever", Love, Life, twisted around.....

Hey guys! This is my first story on quibblo amd I just wanted you to know the plot. So here goes: you're Alexa Storm. 17 years old and you like One Direction. An encounter with Harry Styles lands you a paid internship on their tour. Wherever you go, it seems as if one or the other boys of One Direction are following you. Why? Then, a dark secret unfolds, and you begin an entirely new life. What's the secret that cost you your old life? Find out..........

Chapter 1

What just happened? Accidents, paid internships, meeting One Direction?

Alexa walked down the street to her favourite cafe, Butlers. She reached there in a couple of minutes and opened the door which was decorated with a big "B", representing Butlers. There were only a few people there, since it was only 9 am. The waitress was behind the counter, reading a magazine. Someone was wearing a hoodie which was pulled over his head, and shades. 'Hmm, weird, why would anyone be wearing shades inside? And why is he wearing a hoodie in this weather', Alexa thought.
Pushing that unimportant thought aside, she walked over to a table next to a window. A waitress came and Alexa ordered chocolate covered waffles and lemonade. Smiling, the waitress went to get her order.
Pulling out her phone and ear pods, she put on Best Song Ever by One Direction. 
'Maybe it's the way she walked
Straight into my heart and stole it
Through the doors and past the guards
Just like she already owned it
I said can you give it back to me
She said never in your wildest dreams-'
"Excuse me love, but I accidentally dropped my phone under your table, could I get it?"
Alexa, startled, opened her eyes, and found herself looking at that guy with the shades.
"Um..of course, let me get it", she answered.
"No love, please, I'll get it, so sorry to bother you", he said, and flashed a dashing smile at her. He seemed familiar to Alexa, but she couldn't place him with that hoodie and sunglasses.
He bent down, and reached under the table, coming out 2 seconds later with his iPhone in his hand.
"Thank you love, I was just walking by and it fell out of my hand, so anyway, you seem a little lonely, would you mind if I gave you some company?"
"No, no of course, please, sit down", Alexa answered.
He smiled at her and sat down opposite her. "What's your name love?"
"Alexa, what a pretty name, almost as pretty as you", he said and winked at her.
She blushed lightly. "Well thank you, now that you know my name, would you mind if I ask yours?", she asked curiously.
"Don't you know who I am by now?"
"No...sorry, should I?"
"Well, maybe this will help", he said and took off his hood and shades. 
Curly hair, green eyes, dimple.... seemed so familiar. His name was Harry something, wasn't it? Harry Myles, Harry Dyles, Harry Tyles, Harry Styles, Harry Fyles-wait. Harry Styles, hmm. Harry Styles. Harry Styles. Harry Styles! OMG! Harry Styles! He was in a band, wasn't he? What was their name? Two directions? Three Navigators? One Direction? Yes! That's it! One Direction! Harry Styles! From One Direction!
"Are you Harry Styles from One Direction?", Alexa asked slowly.
"Why, yes I am"
"I guess it kind of is"
"Ok, well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Harry Styles, but I really have to go, I have to catch up with my friend Em for shopping."
Harry made a sad face, then said, "do you have to? I really want you to stay"
Alexa blushed again, then said, " well, I would, Harry, but I really have to, I promised her, and let me tell you something, I'll be coming to your concert in London next week.", Alexa said and flashed an award-winning smile at him.
That was enough to make him happy. He smiled and then said, " well then, you have to promise me that tomorrow you're going to go with me and the boys to HyperStar and that you'll let me give you a backstage pass, and tickets to the exclusive party held for us."
"Well, I sort of have to go job-hunting tomorrow"....
"Please?", Harry said and made a puppy-dog face.
"Well...fine, sure.", Alexa replied.
"Thank you! And did you say that you had to go job-hunting tomorrow?"
"Well...yeah, but I'm going with you guys"
"Well, I'm guessing you want a paid internship, no?"
"Yeah, that's exactly what I want actually"
"Well, then, you've landed yourself a paid internship as One Direction's fashion designer and choreographer, that is if you want to"
"...that's exactly what I want!"
"Well then, I'm glad I could help" Harry said and grinned at her.
"Thank you! But are you sure it'll be alright with your manager and studio and everyone?"
"Of course it will! And if it isn't, I'll convince them, don't you worry"
"Harry, thanks so much, listen, it is definitely on for tomorrow", Alexa said.
Harry grinned at her again and helped her get up. She was going to pay for her breakfast, but Harry immediately got out his wallet and paid for her instead. They exchanged goodbyes and parted ways, and Alexa felt considerably happier. She also felt a new feeling she had only felt a few times before. It was like something stirring inside her when Harry talked. The way she blushed when he winked at her, it was definitely something new. She wondered what it was.
Harry's P.O.V
Alexa was just so pretty! Her brown curls lay elegantly around her shoulders, her gray blue eyes sparkled, and the way she laughed, and she looked so cute when she blushed! And what was this different feeling I felt whenever she talked and looked at me? I've never got this feeling before. Mostly whenever I flirt with girls, it's just a one hour infatuation. But with Alexa, I just met her, and already I like her! Well, I'll just have to wait to find out. I can't wait till tomorrow to go to HyperStar with her and the boys! Should I tell them about her? Yeah, I probably should. They'll be so jealous when they see me and her! 
Alexa's P.O.V:
FF (fast forward): Alexa woke up next morning, feeling refreshed. She also felt really happy, and it took her about a minute to find out why. Today she was going to go to HyperStar with One Direction! Which girl ever got to do that? So far she hadn't told anybody, in case they alerted the media. She didn't want any publicity, and as for the boys, she guessed they didn't want any more publicity either.
She quickly brushed her teeth, washed her face, and made her hair into an elegant bun. She then changed into some clothes she got yesterday from shopping with her best friend Em. Tight-fitting dark blue sleeveless shirt with a loose red and blue checked button down with the buttons open, and black tight jeans with black heels. Satisfied, she picked a red bag to go with and went with dark blue eyeliner, silvery eye shadow, and lip gloss.
Satisfied, she made herself breakfast (turkey and salmon omelette, chocolate covered waffles and peach juice).
When she finished eating, she looked at the clock. 11:00 am. Hmmm. Still an hour to go before her date at HyperStar. (PS: HyperStar is this game arcade where you can also get food. Is an indoor amusement park. It's really fun) So, to pass the time, Alexa walked out of her apartment, and went to the mall for window-shopping.' Only window-shopping, understand Alexa? No buying or anything, you got enough clothes yesterday alright. Yes. I won't buy anything. I shall only look at the things. Yup. That's exactly what I'll do' , and with that thought, Alexa, determined not to buy anything, walked inside the mall and went into every make-up, jewellery, clothes, and shoes shops she could find.
45 minutes later, she got out of the mall, about ten shopping bags in hand. Well, she just couldn't help herself! I mean, first the shop people put amazing shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows on display, and then they expect you not to buy it! I mean, come on, look at the shoes they have for sale! They're amazing! And that jewellery! So pretty! And the clothes! So chic!
So, laden with lots of makeup, even more clothes, jewellery, and shoes, she walked across the parking lot to her car. Halfway there, she bumped into somebody and all her shopping bags fell to the ground.
"Oh, so sorry love, so sorry, here, let me get those bags for you, so silly of me, wasn't looking where I was going, and I bumped into you!", said the man who had bumped into Alexa. He had a British accent, Alexa noticed immediately.
" it's ok, I wasn't looking where I was going's partly my fault", Alexa said, trying to gather up her bags.
The man who bumped into her helped her pick up her bags, then asked, " What's your name love?"
"Um.. Alexa."
"Alexa Storm?"
"Oh,I've heard about you! You met Harry Styles yesterday, didn't you?"
Alexa, startled, replied, "uh...yes, but how do you know that?"
"You don't know who I am by now?"
"Sorry, no, I don't"
"Zayn Malik, of One Direction", he said and stuck out his hand.
Alexa shook the offered hand, then said, "Oh, really? Well, we were all supposed to go to HyperStar in like, fifteen minutes, so maybe we could go together?"
"Yes, love, that'll be perfect. I'll help you put these bags into your car, then well go", Zayn said and smiled a flashing smile at her. What a gentleman.
On the way to HyperStar (Zayn drove,Alexa sat in the passenger seat, Alexa wanted to drive, but Zayn insisted like the gentleman he is), Zayn said, "well, you know what, Harry just doesn't stop talking about you"
"Oh he doesn't?
"Nope. It's always, Alexa said this, Alexa did that, Alexa wanted it like this, Alexa looked like's always like that"
Alexa blushed a little, then suddenly shouted, "WATCH OUT!!!!"
Zayn, startled, looked forward, and had two seconds to steer the car left before they toppled over the bridge. The car tilted over the edge slightly, putting its occupants in mortal danger. He tried to make it go left, but then suddenly, it tilted even more.
Alexa, scared out of her mind, said in barely a whisper, "listen, I know why the car is tilting. It's because there's one person on each side. There needs to be two people on your side, so the car can lean on that side, and you can steer it left again"
Zayn, terrified himself, but trying not to show it for Alexa's sake, nodded slowly, then said, "ok, how about this, I'll move slightly more to the left, making room for you, and you come over to my side, and then we can steer the car on this side, ok?"
"On the count of three, k?"
"Ok. One,"
Zayn moved over slightly to the left. The car tilted a little,but regained its position in toppling dangerously over the bridge. Alexa did the same movement, ever so slowly. The car creaked a little,but otherwise stayed stable. Zayn gave a thumbs up, and Alexa moved more.
After two breathless minutes, Alexa had moved completely over to Zayn's side. He pressed the accelerometer and steered left. The car creaked, and with a huge push, got on to the road.
Alexa and Zayn let out a huge sigh of relief, and Alexa, still trembling from nerves, said, " Thank god we're alive, because, for a few minutes there, I thought I was going to die". She turned to face Zayn as she said this.
"I thought that too, but what matters is that we're here, and we're alive", Zayn said, shaking himself.
Alexa nodded, and for the rest of the journey, they both stayed quiet, both in deep thought.
'What would have happened if Zayn had not steered the car left in the first two seconds? The car wouldn't have been dangling, it would have gone totally off the bridge', and Alexa thought, ' If the car had gone over the bridge and in the water, what would she have done? She can't swim'


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