Music Always Helps

Music can help in any situation. Proof, the soundtracks of my life for weeks on end. It shows just how much music can help save a life.

Chapter 1

Another Dangerous Night

Thoughts flooded my mind. I guess it had slowly been coming. With my depression getting worse and worse every day, it was only a matter of time before I would crack. Perhaps it was when I got the call from my frightened step-dad. My older brother had been missing since the night before. He had shown up at my house at 3 AM drunk, beaten, and bloodied. He was gone before I had waken back up. But perhaps that's not when I cracked. Perhaps it was when my friend sent me a copy of my friend's suicide note. Perhaps it was when my cousin called me crying saying that she lost her child. It was too late for me though. I snapped and cut. The music I was listening to helped me put off cutting for quite awhile though. Please Don't Cut by MikelWJ was on repeat in my head for hours on end, but it didn't matter. I cut. I broke down. It was going to happen eventually anyways. The YouTube Lyrics Video for this song.

Each scene that I write will be in seprate chapters, and at the moment they'll all either be by MikelWJ, Black Veil Brides, or Evanescence more than likely.

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