Just how I personally see music and my take on the matter and different genres. Enjoy. ^.^

Chapter 1

The Lovely sounds of the world

So, music is something that almost everyone listens to at some point in their lives. Whether it's on the radio, on their mobile device, or through some blaring speakers at a party. But music is all around us. If one was to walk outside of their house and listen to the birds chirping, it would be music. The composer would be nature.

I was having a lovely conversation with someone the other day and music was the lucky topic to get brought to the spotlight of conversation. When ask what genre of music was my favorite, I replied that I really was a huge fan of alternative rock and singer songwriter music. Her reply was " So, I gather that you like music that makes you feel emotion." I have remembered her reply ever since. It's true. Now, when asked what my favorite genre of music is, I reply that I like music that makes me feel emotion. That's what music should do. Whether the emotion is sorrow,happiness,or even the school girl feeling that you got when you had a crush on a boy or a girl. Now, I'm not saying that only those genres of music give the listener a sensation of some kind. Any music does. Techno music ( or as some call dance music ) gives the listener a hyper buzz. It makes the person feel energy and hyper and it generally leads to the person dancing. I think that is why the music is loved by many.

Lyrics, although not always necessary perferred. Is something that can really help get the message out in a song. The reason why I CAN'T STAND most pop songs is because the lyrics are repetative, the same words get overused, and the lyrics are either preaching a message that is either unintelligiable or not clear. Mainstream music is not something that I see as delightful, although I understand a lot of people disagree with me or else it wouldn't be so popular. I will probably get comments asking why I have the word "Bieber" in my name if I dislike most pop and mainstream music. First off, I like Justin as a person, he has saved my life ( literally ) and has supported a lot of the same charities that I support. But that's not what this is story is about. I'm going to do what he does all so often and has taught me, and focus on the music. His songs actually have great lyrics in my opinion. That's what I think and it's my opinion. Yes, I know that some of you believe everything that hear on the radio. Almost all of you know that your friends hate justin and therefore hate him also. I will agree that 'baby" is not a very meaningful song. He sang that years ago and his music has matured along with him over time. I wish people would at least give his music a try.

So, we just discussed how lyrics can help bring out the meaning of a song, but a song doesn't have to have music in order to be moving. Classical music will touch and move me more than almost anything and not a single word has to be spoken. It leaves it where the person can write their own lyrics. It's beautiful and how I wish more radio stations saw the beauty that I see in that genre of music.

Music has the power to change the way a person looks at decisons, love, joy, sadness, and life in general. It is one of the only things that teenagers will actually listen to nowadays. To some people it's a lifesaver. The type of music a person likes tells you a lot about them. It also can be the only thing keeping them sane or alive. It's quite amazing if you think about it.... If you actually read all of this ( which I honestly can't picture anyone doing ) than thank you for exploring the world of music with me. If you have any comments or want to share you taste in music with me, comment believe. God bless. <3


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