How To Look Great Naturally

You are already beautiful, remember that.

I am bored and I have decided to share some of my secrets of badassery beauty. All of these are natural, seeing as chemicals are horrible things. If not it's just a guide on how to do something properly.

Mainly for those who are women :P

Chapter 1

Washing you damn hair

by: 68687
Okay, I am tall-ish. I know what people's heads look like because I see their heads. Many times it is disgusting. Grease, oiliness, dandruff ect.

What irks the most is that people are going on about how hard their hair is to take care of when it is short and a type of hair that is pretty easy to take care of.

So, Ladies or Men, when you are showing, never put conditioner on your head.

I have had very long hair for a while, and I recently got it cut to my mid back. Either way, you never put conditioner on your head. Conditioner is a chemical, like most of the stuff you get in bottles, is chemicals.

When you put conditioner on your head, it strips away the things that help your head stay un-greasy. I know, it makes your hair feel nice, but it's better to have nice looking hair.

So what you do, is that you place the conditioner on the tips of your hair. The stuff that isn't part of your head. You don't rub in conditioner into your roots because it makes your hair oily and fall out.

You use conditioner on the tips of your hair, like the stuff that hangs out of a ponytail. That area of hair.

For shampoo, I find that Head and Shoulders works great for oily hair. I have this special shampoo that I use a lot from Mexico. It's an aloe-vera shampoo that works great.

My grandmother in Mexico sends it up every month, so I have piles of it. I don't know the name, but I do know that it's a natural shampoo and it's main base is aloe-vera. You can't get it in Canada, but I don't know about the US. If you want to know more about this shampoo, just tell me and I will be non-lazy enough to go to my bathroom and find the name of it.

Ladies, aloe-vera is the heaven plant, so use it. It works extremely well in your hair. When you are buying shampoo, look at the ingredients used. Try not to use something with to much chemicals. Natural shampoo's are brilliant.

Usually, shampoo's that smell amazing tend to make your hair very greasy, so watch out for that.

Also, when you put in your shampoo, the stuff you put on your scalp, massage it in. It does wonders. Don't just put it in mix it around for a few seconds that wait.

And using large quantities at a time actually helps. But don't waste your shampoo.



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