Your Eyes Only Ever Spoke The Truth

the following is based on a true story--sadly

Chapter 1

Why Can't I See Him?

"Damn it!" I say, throwing my phone. "Mom! Why isn't Austin answering my calls? Is he ok?"
"Felicia... You can't talk to him anymore. Not for a long time"
"What? Why! I thought you liked him! You're even friends with his mom and dad."
"You just cant, Felicia," my mom says.
"Mom, you know how i am. Unless i have a reason for not being allowed to do something, i'll do it anyways. so you may as well tell me."
"Fine. It's because of his dad."
"What about Jake? Aren't he and Dad friends?"
"Not anymore"
"So, let me get this straight. Dad and Jake are in another stupid fight, so that automatically means me and Austin have to be apart."
"No, hun'. Jake beats Austin and his little sister, Ally."
"For how long?"
"A few years. Felicia, i'm sor--"
"Why didn't you tell me, huh? oh wait, you think it's not my business."
"It's not."
"YES IT IS!! Austin and i have been friends for... 8 years, no, actually, 9. I've known him for as long as i can remember. We grew up together. I'm like his big sister. you dont get to tell me what i can and cant know about him."
"I'm your mother. What i say goes."
"You've always taught me to be my own person and to never let ANYONE tell me what to do. and despite that, i've always tried to do as you told me. but not now. now i'm doing what you always told me to do. 'Stand for what you believe in, even if you're standing alone.' i believe that Austin is my business, unless he tells me otherwise. not you. not his dad. not his mom. him."
"I am so disappointed in you. you're grounded."
"For what? being the person you raised me to be? you brought me up this way, you dont get to be mad that this is who i am. And if you still ground me, I'll fight back even harder."
"Fine. You're not grounded. but we have to disconnect from Austin and his family for at least a little while."
"2 years."
"I will not be away from him for more than 2 years. if at that point you still expect me to stay away from him, i will literally walk my a ss to his house, no matter how far. i'm only agreeing to do this because it would be in my best interest to give you what you want until you actually respect my opinion enough to listen to me for 5 seconds."
"I do respect your opinion!" my mom says.
"That is a load of bullshi--"
"What ever. So, since you 'respect' my opinion, will you listen to what i have to say?"
"Austin. He's emo, depressed, AND suicidal. Half the time, I'M the one convincing him that tomorrow will bring a better day. How the fu-- How could it possibly help him to lose one of the only friends he has left? It wouldn't. But it doesn't matter, because even though you said you'd listen to what i have to say, nothing will ever change your mind because YOUR opinion is more important than a 13-year-old boy's life."
"Felicia, you have a point, but my mind is made up."
"See? You just proved my point."
"Felicia, dont--"
"Stop. I'm out. I'll be back tomorrow. I'll be at Alissa's"
"Who do you think you're talking to?"
"Oh shut up and be happy i'm telling you where i'm going. i have half a mind not to speak to you at all. and dont get all worked up about my attitude. you just took one of my only REAL friends away from me, so you dont get to be all pissy. i, however, do." i walk from my bed where i had been sitting, to my dresser. i pull out an outfit for the next day, throwing the clothes in a pile at the foot of my bed. then i walk down the hall to the bathroom and get my toothbrush. i grab a bag from under the sink and throw my clothes into in. remembering my hair brush, i go to my makeup table and stuff it in the bag as well.
"Would you like a ride? it's nearly 11:00!"
"No, mother. i can walk around the block in the dark. i'm 14, not 6."
"Fine. Goodnight."
i walk out of my room, slamming the door without a word. i walk into my living room, say bye to my dad, and leave through the back door.

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