I'll Be There (Original Story)

So this is a bit of a fictional story, based off of some true events. Not all of this is true though, and most things were changed slightly to keep certain things private.


Tony Q.

Chapter 1

Monday, Coming Undone


Shadows; Dark corners, surround the tiny bathroom. Looking in the mirror, Hide saw a distorted shape of himself. Near-black bags under his eyes, pale skin, dull hair, broken eyes. The eyes drew Hide in most. They were guarded, closed off. Harsh, and afraid.

Gripping the edges of the sink, Hide drew in a shaky breath. Screaming, Hide threw the contents of the counter onto the floor in one swift motion.

Rage flickered in his eyes, ripping through his entire body. Staring back at the mirror, Hide glared at his reflection. Self-hatred spiked to an all time high. Unthinkingly, Hide slammed his fist into the mirror, shattering it to hundreds of pieces.

Blood began to flow from his knuckles, pouring into the sink basin. Grabbing a large piece of glass in his hand, Hide glared at his reflection.

"What's wrong with you?" Hide whispered, venom lacing his words.

"Hide! What the hell is going on in there?" Hide's father asked, banging on the locked door.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing," Hide said, his hold of the glass tightening.

"You better clean up any mess you make!" Hide's father said, footsteps echoing further and further away.

Hand still gripping the glass, Hide slammed his fist against the counter, glass cutting through his skin. Tears prickled in Hide's eyes as he slumped against the wall opposite the broken mirror. As he slipped down, Hide threw the glass across the room and into the bathtub.

Resting his head in his hands, and those on his knees, a sob ripped itself from Hide's throat. And then another, and then another, until Hide was just a broken heap of a person, sitting on a bathroom floor.


Coming Undone by Korn

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