Black Dawn (Character Submittion Story)

So, I asked people to give me characters and this is what happened!

I'm still accepting submissions. To submit a character, go to My profile, look up the story that says "I Know You Want To Delete This But Please Give Me A Chance To Flower In Your Palms And Become Something Great And Magestic And It Will All Be Because You Gave Me A Chance To Breath... "
Follow the instructions and PM me with the sheet.

Hurry! If you get it early, you can be a main character!!

Chapter 2

Beginnings~ Bree.

In consequence, each branch shall rule a part of the year, Winter for the Beasts, Spring for the Faeys, Summer for the Mortals, and Autumn for the Beings.

"It is official. Autumn is totally not my season." I growled under my breath as I gritted my teeth and ran across the dying forest. The moon was obscured by the dark clouds, cold winds making me tighten the woolen jacket I wore around my body. Behind me, the sounds of growling and howling echoed, large creatures awakened by the sounds of a hunt.

"And I'm the hunted," I thought bitterly as I sprinted faster. Dark, dead leaves fell in buckets from the trees like snow, all signs of life gone. Just then a large figure crashed from the trees in front of me and jumped toward me. A loud screech tore from my lips as I tried to turn. It grabbed my hood and yanked me toward itself, cutting off my oxygen. A large rat's eye gleamed in the night.

I ripped off my jacket just as it tried to take my head and flew hard, feeling the cold gnaw into my skin. My wings uncurled, bright illuminuos violet wings with streaks of silver and blue intricately carved onto them, a story of my life. Keep on running, I thought as my wings failed and I fell to the ground.

My breath was coming out in hard rasps, loud in the surrounding silence. Despair clawed away at my innards. Then the clouds moved a little and an inch of moonlight shone through like a beacon.

I didn't have much time to look at it. A loud howl came from my right and I ran faster. "C'mon, come on," I said furiously, " I can't keep this up forever." A plan unfurled into my mind and I turned recklessly to my left.

I went for a little farther and then a tall tree got in my way and intercepted my way. I smashed into it and barely stopped myself from tripping. I turned around, already knowing what was behind me.

About twenty meters away, seven deformed shapes stood their ground, only their general shape standing out in the darkness. "Got you now," growled the leader, a huge cat. It was almost like a baby sculpted him, with his
unporportional head and deformed hunch shoulder and a huge, chunky tale. His fur was a dark muddy brown, with random orange spots on his shoulders.

"Please don't hurt me!" I pleaded, my voice coming out high-pitched and helpless.

He laughed, a loud disgusting sound that caused a couple of birds to wake up and take off. " We wont let you go that easily," he growled perversely.

"Please, I don't taste that good," I whimpered, as I slumped down to my knees, tears sprouting to my eyes.

"Enough talking," he yelled, " attack the fairy!"

As the group was talking, the clouds covering the moon had moved away gently. The monsters attacked, all coming toward me except for the gigantic leader. Before they had made it a foot, the ground suddenly vanished and the six Fairy-Eaters looked at each other strangely before they toppled into the abbyss like some messed up cartoon. I saw a large rat try to get out, but the earth he clung on to loosened and sended him downward to the underworld.

"You trickster!" screached the leader as I pulled out my weapon, a slender wand that shot off purple sparks, remnants of the illusion I created. "Seriously, did you take me for being that stupid," I scoffed, acting offended. "You will die," he said as he backed away. Suddenly he started running and in the last second, jumped, making a huge arc over the abyss.

He howled as he came closer to me. As he got closer though, his expression changed from a look of victory to utter horor as he saw the smile on my face.
The deformed cat slammed into the invisible wall in front of me, bouncing off into the abyss and screaming the whole way down.

"Idiots," I muttered as I wiped the dirt off my skirt. I unfurled my cramped wings, letting it soak up the rays of the moonlight. For once, I felt fully rested. As I walked away from the hole, I couldn't help but stick my tongue, make the letter "L" with my hand, and yell out as loud as I could, "Suckers!"

Notes Bree is a character submitted by SugarKart.
Did I do anything wrong? Anything about Bree's character you want to add?
Anyhow to everyone else.. The intro is almost done~ just two more characters, Shiori (Chapter 3) and Kole (Chapter 4).. And I don't know what else to put here....

So there was nothing highlighted in red so according to Quibblo I didn't spell anything wrong (Except "Quibblo" of course), but being me I probably broke some thousand English rules so don't get annoyed...

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