Black Dawn (Character Submittion Story)

So, I asked people to give me characters and this is what happened!

I'm still accepting submissions. To submit a character, go to My profile, look up the story that says "I Know You Want To Delete This But Please Give Me A Chance To Flower In Your Palms And Become Something Great And Magestic And It Will All Be Because You Gave Me A Chance To Breath... "
Follow the instructions and PM me with the sheet.

Hurry! If you get it early, you can be a main character!!

Chapter 1

Beginnings ~ Analisa.

"It has been decided, that four branches shall govern this realm; The Wise Beasts, The Pure Faeys, The Sinful Mortals, and The Silent Beings."

It was cold in the cave. Icicles grew on the roof, frozen teeth ready to swallow up any mortal who dares enters. It was evening, so sharp shadows were splattered all over the walls, a silent crowd waiting for disaster.

Inside, a lonely girl stood before a tall, skinny figure. It was almost like they weren't there, two faded humans arguing, their voices like the wind.

"Why are you here, Ellie?" sneered the girl as she sat on a boulder that was carved to appear like a stone chair. She wore a faded black t-shirt, her long black pants draping over her bare feet. Around her neck was a silver chain, a purple gem on the middle of it.

"I couldn't exactly stay back," said Ellie, smiled crookedly. Or not, thought the girl. It was kind of hard to make out the face of that ghost, especially when he wore that old baggy cloak.

The girl sighed, her eyes almost closing. She leaned back on the chair, tired.
"Ana?" said Ellie sharply, "Are you alright?"
"It's getting harder and harder to keep this form. The more I stayed like this, the more I want to sleep."

"You asked, why I'm here," said Ellie neutrally. "I'm here to free you."
"Why?" said Ana, standing up sharply.

"This world is pretty boring don't you think," he whispered to no one, staring off into space. Turning back to Analisa, he said sternly, " I have my own reasons, now do you want to escape?"

Ana nodded. As they were speaking, the shadows around the room had gathered on the ceiling and had morphed into the shade of a dark sleeping dragon.

Ellie swept over to Ana and grabbed the pendant around her neck. The purple gem glowed brighter, but it was icy cold to the touch, so cold it hurt.

Ellie gripped the gem hard, his form becoming almost translucent. Ana gasped as the gem started cracking. Ellie's face strained. Above, the black dragon uncurled itself, as if waking up.

And then the gem shattered, the shards disappearing into black blood that splattered all over the cave. Ana's eyes constricted and when she opened them again, they glowed, purple. The black dragon on the ceiling silently roared and then melted off the ceiling, it's claws extended out for the girl. When they touched, purple flames engulfed Ana.

A cold laughing filled the room. The fire extended, forming wings, talons, and a tail.
"Freedom," growled the awaken beast.

Notes Analisa is a character submitted by topbmfc.

Ok, a little help. Analisa is suppose to be a "dragon", but on the submission form, you filled out WOC and "Clothing" so is Analisa a dragon that can take a human form or just a dragon? For now, I'll just stick with the former.

My, some of these lines sound so cliché. For example~ "It's getting harder and harder to keep this form" or of course~ "This world is pretty boring don't you think,"... I'll try to do better next time...

Interesting... None of the main characters have a love life...

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