Unimportant bs that may be important. Unless your name is Andy Biersack, you're not excused from reading.

Unimportant bs that may be important. Unless your name is Andy Biersack, you're not excused from reading.

Alright so I'll try to concentrate announcements and stuffzies here. (oh gosh, yet another word I make up)

Chapter 1

It's the anniversary of the person whose username was eaten!

by: FerSure
Okay, so Im doing this because this is the first year I don't get to stalk her around for her birthday due to my last-minute change of schools.

So, Nany is a quinceañera! (meaning she turns 15, geniuses)

It's tomorrow, September 4. The day in which darkness... JK XD

Okay so this won't go like another one of those oh-so-hated birthday cards where grandmas write stuff like "God bless you" and "Oh you're so effed up" that you have to pretend to read, so you don't seem rude when you see the money and get deceived because it was only ten bucks. And you have to share them with your siblings.

The first difference is there is no cash here (sorry Nana) and I told myself (and Nana) that she would have the most memorable Quibblo Birthday party ever! For that, I need your help! Please share this with everyone! Your siblings, cats, hobos, mistresses (some of you are too young for that) and even cookies! Wish her a happy brithday tomorrow, please. Please. PLEASE. It's a girl's 15th birthday, this is like effin important because in 15 years she won't be with us anymore (that doesn't mean I'll kill you Nany, just in case. Just in case something happens. Do not blame the FerSure) okay no really, She's one of my bestest friends and yeah I already pretty much explained the situation, I don't see why I have to go into detail. I'd appreciate if you actually took the time to read this and congratulate her. Please. For me. Just image like if it were my birthday but 100x. More important. Yes, your parents want you to do this. Wish Nany a happy birthday tomorrow.


(I can't do those cool orange linky thingies.)

(Don't even bother explaining because I can't ever get it)

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