Hunger Games Competition

Chapter 1


My movie urge has been very well satisfied this year with stuff like Monsters University and Sea of Monsters, but there's still one last movie left to bring 2013 to a good close.

That's right. Catching Fire.

In celebration of the Hunger Games series, I'm thinking of starting up a Hunger Games themed competition.

Everyone wants to participate in the Hunger Games (admit it) but of course, if there's a real risk of death, no one would volunteer (unless you're a Career).

I know there are a lot of writing competitions on Quibblo (hell, I'm in one right now) and there are also a lot of Hunger Games on Quibblo too (I'm also in one, though I think it's ended unsuccessfully).

Point being, what if we could combine both things together?

If you wish to join, you just need to list your name in the comments and you're in! Easy as pie! It's first come first serve so take the chance now!

First 12 who comment is secured a position, and if a lot of people enter, then the first 24 will be accepted instead of 12.

Once I have 12 (or 24) tributes ready, we can start the competition. It's easy. I'll randomly sort all of you into the 12 districts, then we'll fast forward straight to the Hunger Games.

There are several situations that will take place:

1) The Reaping
This will happen after 12 (or 24) tributes have signed up. I'll write a chapter (like a story) about the tributes being reaped, just as a quick overview to others about who the different tributes are. There will be no character bio or anything like that, your name will be your username.

2) The Bloodbath
After the Reaping, it's straight into the Games. We'll begin with the bloodbath at the Cornucopia. I'll create a poll that gives you an option on what you (as the tribute) will do (run away, go get weapons etc) and you just have to list in the comments of said poll what option you picked. This is to fan out the tributes in the imaginary arena. So, for example, in the poll, 12 tributes chose to run away and the others went to get supplies and weapons. I'll write the Bloodbath chapter and state who survived the bloodbath (random choice generator, so cross your fingers) and who got what weapon (also RCG^).

3) Meeting Another Tribute
After the bloodbath, I'll write the next chapter and make two tributes meet each other. Then, the two tributes will be given a topic and have to write a one-chapters story. The tribute that writes the better story entry can choose to either kill the other tribute or become allies with him. Please note the maximum number of allies a tribute can have is three (excluding himself).

The story entries each tribute makes will be graded with a point system.

Grammar +1 point
Vocabluary +1 point
Plot +1 point
Allies +1-3 points
Weapon +1-5 points
Career +1 point
Special Weapon +1 point
Familiar Environment +1 point

You'll get one point for each good aspect of your story entry like vocab and grammar. For each ally you have with you, that's one additional point. If you have a minor weapon like a penknife, that's one additional point. If you have a powerful weapon like a sword, that's 5 additional points.

All additional points will be added to your score. (I'll explain Career, Special Weapon and Familiar Environment later).

I'm bad at explaining stuff, so here's an example of the competition:

1) Reaping

From District 4, we have the male tribute "Mr. X" and our female tribute "Mrs. X".

2) Bloodbath

Mr. X chose to run away and has survived the bloodbath. Mrs. X chose to get a weapon and managed to retrieve a trident.

3) Meeting Other Tribute

Mr. X has encountered Mrs. X and must fight it out.

Story Topic: Superheroes
Deadline: 3 days

4) Aftermath of "Meeting Other Tribute"

Mr. X's story entry has beaten Mrs. X! Mr. X makes the choice to take Mrs. X on as an ally.

5) Meeting Other Tribute

Mrs. X has met Mr. D! They must fight it out!

Story Topic: Superpowers
Deadline: 3 days

6) Aftermath of "Meeting Other Tribute"

Mrs. X:
Weapon: Trident +3 points
Ally: Mr. X +1 point

Mrs. X has defeated Mr. D! Mrs. X has decided to kill Mr. D!

So yeah, that's basically how the competition will go! I hope I did a good job explaining but then again, Quibblonians tend to be enthusiastic anyway (that was a compliment).

There are a few more points to explain though so bear with me.

Being from a Career district also gives you a point bonus. For example, if you're a tribute from District 1,2 or 4, you get +1 point for being a Career! (not because I show Careers favoritism but because Careers ought to most likely have extra training)

Also, if say for example, you're from District 4 and you get a trident, which most District 4 residents know how to use, you also get +1 point for a Special Weapon!

And, if say for example, you meet a tribute in an abandoned mine and you're from District 12 which specializes in coal-mining, or you meet a tribute in the woods and you're from District 7 which specializes in lumber, you get +1 point for Familiar Environment!

I hope I did a good job explaining! If you're interested, I encourage you to sign on up because, like I said before, first come first serve!


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