My Memory Book

What you're about to read is a collection of my fondest memories. Just thinking about them makes me happy, writing about them makes me happier. I hope they make you happy when you read them.

Chapter 1


by: Eunoia
"I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever." ~Suzanne Collins

The summer air was cool and light. I shivered as the pool water sloshed around, continually throwing itself against my body. I was at summer camp, watching as my cousin and friends splashed around the pool and squeals of enjoyment rang in the air.

Not only was this the first summer camp I'd ever been to, but it was also my first time in the countryside. It was nice and quiet here. But I was used to the suburbs, and I missed my home. I was surprised by how much I missed it, especially since it hadn't even been that long since I'd left for camp.

Then as I was turning around to see if the sun had set yet, I saw it.

It was like a painting. An old road stretching from one end of the scene to the other. A worn-out fence line made from cropped wooden logs that sat protectively in front of an emerald green field. Behind it was the sky, an endless gray mess, but there were some smudges of soft, innocent blue that interrupted the sky's sad semblance.

It was beautiful, mesmerizing really. Though, it wasn't the same kind of beautiful as the ocean or a sunrise. This was different. This wasn't anything special. It was an ordinary view, plain even. But it felt pretty beautiful to me.

A light breeze brushed against the field. I'd never thought anything or anywhere could look so peaceful. At that moment I forgot about my homesickness, my loneliness, and my worries. I forgot about all of the emotions stirring in my stomach. I forgot about everything, and just gazed at the view in front of me.

And I was happy. I really was. It's funny, really, how such a little thing can do so much.

The image is stuck in my mind, and that's why I was inspired to write about it. A lot of times I like to think about it whenever I feel sad or lonely. The image is fading though, so hopefully one day I'll be able to go there again and retrieve the details I've lost.


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