About Me (Repost)

Can't believe I finally decided to make one of these.. But hey they seem fun so why not? Probably won't make em too often though...

Chapter 1

About Me

by: omgbye
Name: Mak
Nickname(s): Mak, Max, Makkie, Vampire Ninja, Psycho
Age: 15
Grade: High school sophomore, so 10th.
Birthday: May 9
Location: Couch, My House
Favorite Food: Anything Mediterranean and Italian. Also chocolate. Never all at the same time though.. Oh! And Pocky! Makkie love me Pocky :3
Least Favorite Food: Raisins (mistaking it for chocolate chips in cookies is why I have trust issues), butter spread on bread (seriously how the poop do you eat that stuff?), corn, um. I know there's more but I can't think of any at the moment for some reason -.-
Favorite Drink: MONSTER!!!! And Pepsi and Mountain Dew (NO I WILL NOT LEAVE THE CITY JUST BECAUSE I PREFER PEPSI OVER COKE) And caramel macchiatos from Starbucks :3 I also really love that Turkish yogurt drink..Ayran or however you spell it :P
Least Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper, apple juice.

Favorite Color: Depends on my mood. But mostly hot pink and black.
Least Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Book(s): I usually prefer manga and comics over the normal books but I gotta admit, Heather Brewer's Soulbound was pretty damn good.
Least Favorite Book: Anything I was forced to read for school
Favorite Movie: Uhhhhh.... LOTR: The Two Towers, PoTC: Dead Man's Chest, Star Wars (hard to pick fave), L Change the World, Edward Scissorhands (Or anything Tim Burton)
Least Favorite Movie: Star Wars Episode 4 (completely contradicting to the answer above, I know -.-), Death Note: The Last Name (As much as I LOVE Death Note, I gotta admit the acting for this one sorta sucked...)
Favorite TV Show: Merlin and Supernatural (although I haven't watched it in a while). And recently I've been watching World's Strictest Parents a lot for some reason.
Height: 5'6
Weight: Somewhere between 98 and 104lbs... Keeps going up and down on that scale throughout the day.
Hair Color: Bright cherry chocolate with some reddish highlights whenever I have henna in it (which, if you know me, is really often) Midnight brown naturally
Eye Color: Poopy brown
Favorite Website: Quibblo and Kongregate
Favorite Possession: The Batman cape I've had since the 5th grade.
Pet: Imaginary kitty that my mom would never let me have irl cuz she thinks cats are vicious beasts covered in fur that makes em look cute.
Family Members: Mommy and daddy. Little bro and little sis. Oh and then there's this biitch named Me.
Favorite Number: 3,5,8,10, etc...
Piercings: Just my ears xP I really want my nose pierced but my parents keep saying no -.-
Most Favorite Thing About Yourself: Well I am me, aren't I? (;
Least Favorite Thing About Yourself: Well I am me, aren't I? )x
In all seriousness, I like the fact that I can actually be proud of who I am and how I am sometimes. I think I'm a pretty strong person that's not afraid to speak my mind. A problem with me though would be sometimes I take the speaking my mind thing too far and end up hurting people I didn't intend on hurting. Not that it bothers me that they're hurt, but the fact that they are when I didn't even try. :P Psychically my fave feature is my hair and my least favorite is the fact that I'm 10-15 pounds underweight for my age and height.

Hope you liked my first repost thingy and if you didn't MAY YOUR CHILDREN PISS BLOOD!
(Anybody got that reference? No? Ok.. -.-)


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