Sorry :'( (read if ya care to)

Chapter 1


I'm sorry for bein a poopie head
I'm sorry for bein stupid and selfish
I'm sorry for blockin ya guys out
I'm sorry for spammin ya
So many things to be sorry for yet so little characters to write with.

Guys, I'm sorry for bein in a sour mood this past...month? Few weeks? I don't remember the last time I was in a great mood. I was bein a butthole to ya guys and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for blockin ya out when ya wanted to help. I'm sorry for writing about how "bad" my "life" is and being a "attention hog" and a "drama queen". I admit I am all of those things. I'm annoying, and I know if :) from now on I'm gonna laugh and be me! I'm gonna smile and have fun! :) :) :) I'm gonna hand y'all. Cookies again :) so have a wonderful day and smile lots!! But all those "stories" were true. Even this one. So don't think I'm lyin :)


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