Harry Potter- the meaning of it to US as Potterheads

Haha... Well, hi! Remember me? I bet you don't! Because I haven't been on here since, oh, I don't know, 2011? It's really bad... But I'm just releasing my feelings about Harry Potter at the moment because my feels came back and hit me in the face.

Chapter 1

The True Meaning

by: TeamLupin
I'm sure we can all agree that Harry Potter is a big part, if not our entire life. Personally, it's that second option. For us Potterheads, Harry Potter is just... perfect. Its indescribable. Everything about it, we love. We love the things we dislike about it, we love everything. The characters are so real. They go through bad things, they make mistakes, they don't have perfect lives. Every single detail of every book and every movie has made an impact upon us as a community. The story, scratch that, the life that it... Never mind. I'm just trying to say that a 7 letter word cannot describe our life, our Harry Potter life. 7 books, 7 years of Hogwarts, 7 Horcruxes, 7 Weasley siblings, 7 positions to play Quidditch, 7 letter words that describes our life, 7 pieces of J.K. Rowling's soul in each book. (Not to mention my lacrosse number:) This has become pointless to continue because it only matters how WE, WE as Potterheads feel. WE understand how there are no words for it, but the only one we can use is perfect. Love you fellow wizards, witches, goblins, elves, giants... fellow Potterheads. I love you all ϟ ❤


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