In 1996, a baby boy was stolen from his home. He was raised by murderers. They killed more than five people. He then turns sixteen. He escapes to find his real parents. Will he make it. ( Reader Discrection is advised)

Chapter 1


I sit on my bed in my room. No-one cares for me. My mother would shoot me if I even hugged my baby sister. My dad would punch me and he would kill me. My story starts here in my old apartment. I see my mom babying my little sister.
It makes me mad I punch my pillows.

My mom and dad are fugitives. They steal things from stores a lot. I'm 15 my birthday is tomorrow. If I can I will escape my parents. I have a driver's licence.
I think for a long time until I walk downstairs for a drink. I sneak so my parents don't see me.

I sneak until my mom catches me.

"Where are you going."

"I'm getting a drink."


"Hi Emily"

I pat my sister on her head. My mom screams. Oh no not again. Remember I told you she would shoot me if I layed hands on my sister? Well she is about to. She gets out a pellet gun. I start running. She shoots at me. I dodge. She then shoots again.

She shoots through my leg. A sharp pain followed up by blood followed. She laughs. I hate her.


I sit alone and cold thinking how I can escape.


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