Percy Jackson Group story CLOSED: Saving Chiron

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Chapter 25

Sadie White: Moving Cabins

After Carla and Robin moved into Cabin 8, it's got pretty awkward considering I'm just a hunter not her kid like them. And it's like being a third wheel as they keep themselves to themselves and pretty much ignore my presence.

I really wish I was still in the Lotus Casino.

So yeah, I'm still completely confused and to be frank, slightly scared, about what the hell that dream was about and now I feel all lonely.

I hate being a demigod.

Cabin 8 sucks without the hunters.

Cabin 7 is just full of annoying boys; I learned that last night when one of them, well 4 of them, hit on me although I'm a hunter and a maiden and have the blessing of Artemis.


And now I'm sitting in the Cabin on my own while Robin and Carla talk in hushed whispers, ignoring me, again.

"Well bye." I say, to myself while walking out and waving sarcastically.

I walk outside into the dim morning light, rubbing sleep out of my eyes.

I go to the only place I know will help, the water, I just love the moon still shining on the open sea, it's so pretty and feels so me. And the light through the trees is just amazing just like the lone fishing pole laying at the edge of the sea.

Without even thinking, I scoop it up and reel it out to the sea.

Is reel the right word? I hope so. Considering Poseidon's my father, I should know how to swim even if we've never ever ever ever met.

Before I know it, I've caught a fish longer than my arms put together.

Well that's something I can sacrifice to my Dad.

"Jesus, Sadie, that's longer than any fish I've ever caught." a voice startles me out of my mind.

I turn round, well jump around, looking straight at Percy.

Right, he's my brother although I've never really talked to him although I know more about him then I know about my life due to him being so famous around camp.

Well I'm bringing his cockiness down.

"So we know who Dad's favourite is." I smirk, my eyes glistening.

"Nah, he still prefers me. How's Cabin 8?" he asks, his eyes narrowing in a brotherly way.


"Fun." I say, my voice full of sarcasm.


"You could say that. Being a third wheel is not very fun." I tell him, staring at the moon with frustration.

"You do know that you could stay in Cabin 3."

"With you?" I ask, sounding amused and catty, "Sorry." I add, quietly.

"It's fine, but why not? It's a whole lot better than being a third wheel." he shrugs, holding out his hand.

"Why not?" I shrug and throw him the rod.

So now I'm moving into Cabin 3.


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