The wanted are dead!!!

The wanted are dead.

Chapter 1

The Wanted steal my music.

BANG, SMASH, CRASH!! Jarod falls over the drum set as he enters the music room. Tahlia goes to grab Jarod's hand and he goes to grab it but she pulls away and laughs. Jarod picks him self of the ground and walks over to our group. So we are starting a band and it's called well actually we are choosing between 'the far away penguins' or the 'rainbow potatoes' because we are amazing. So we have Tahlia on the drums, Michaela on the bass guitar, Jarod on the acoustic guitar, Shania on the keyboard and me, Tori, am on the computer with dub-step. We start to play but the bell interrupts us and we start to pack up our instruments. We then walk to our maths class and sit in our group. We just sit and laugh for an hour doing nothing and then end up with a detention.

Now we are back at our maths classroom we are starting our detention. AHH GAY!!!

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