Original Story Idea


Chapter 1

So, Here's the deal!

Okay, so, I'm starting an original series and I would like to know if you people (I like to call everybody people! So, no offence!) would like to read it? I got the idea from a mixtures of books, TV series, and songs!

Here is what it would be like:
-Teen Wolf
-Pretty Little Liars
-The Mortal Instruments
-We Are One by 12 Stones(Main song for the whole series!)

So, should I post here?

Also, I would like a co-author/owner to the series! If your instrested here is what you need to know:

-You'll be writting in a Male's POV
-You will be a werewolf
-It's a five book series!!!

I need Someone who:
-Is creative, and knows how to add drama to a story!
-Is on at least five days a week!
-Will write the chapter in a week or less!
-Who isn't afraid to shake things up in the series!
-Who is willing to write in a mixture of rated R and Pg-13(Not too descriptive though!)

If you will like to apply just leave the following in the comments:

Story: (So I can review your writting style! Doesn't have to be an original!!!)

This Is NOT First Come First Served!!!

Thank You For Reading!


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