Things change, people change...

Chapter 1


So, people keep asking me whatever happened to the sweet girl I used to be, always happy, always nice... And, well, quite frankly, it kinda annoys me a bit... I mean, yes, in the past I was a lot more cheery than I am now, and yes, probably more kind too, but I've changed, and as much as you might like to, you cannot change who I am, or the way I feel or react to things. I have different opinions now, stronger opinions, naturally because I am getting older and understand more, and people are mad? So I don't like a guy anymore in the way I used to, does that make me bad that I have just moved on? So maybe I am a bit more moody, but my goodness, isn't every girl at this age? I can't help it... So please, lay off just a little, I am content being the way I am now, and I'm sure in time I will change again, so why not just accept me? But, it's up to you, if you don't want to, you absolutely do not have to... I just want you to know this is the new me, and I'm not going back to my old self again, not right now anyway, so you can get used to this mean Esther! Lol, just joshing! But anyways, to sum it all up, I've changed!


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