I Know You Want To Delete This But Please Give Me A Chance To Flower In Your Palms And Become Something Great And Magestic And It Will All Be Because You Gave Me A Chance To Breath...

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Chapter 1

Create Yourself A Character My Friends and Other Mortals That I Haven't Met Yet!!

I'm thinking of writing a story and I want you to make a character for me. So far there is no plot, setting, timeline, rising actions, etc. I'm waiting for the characters you submit before I continue. DO NOT GO EASY ON ME!! Create something amazing, weird, beautiful, different and strange!
Create something You.
(Gosh that last line sounds so cliché..)

Anyways I will start the story when I get enough characters :)
And yes before you start please read other people's characters~ I don't exactly want 50 thieves that are all secretly princesses....


*Gender: ( Doesn't have to be a Male/Female..)
*Species: ( Vampire? Werecat? If human~ Is it a ghost/witch/wizard? And what kind of vampire? A twilight sparkly vampire?)
*Status: (Royalty? Thief? Random Lunatic that dances naked at night?)
*Weapon Of Choice (WOC):
*Theme Song: (If Applicable)
*Color: (If you watch RWBY, you notice how each character has a specific color; like Ruby is red, Weiss is white, black is black, etc..)
*Special Ability: ( It can be something corny like "I make dog poop change colors"!)
*What He/She/It Wears: ( A black robe? A rainbow colored bikini?)
*Family: ( Siblings? Are parents alive and is one of them abusive/ an alcoholic?)
*Love Life: ("I married a bottle of peanut butter...")

Here are my characters:
*Name: Elly No-Name
*Age: Unknown~
*Gender: Supposedly Male
*Species: Ghost~ Human
*Status: That Old Man that appears in every story; Wanderer
*WOC: A meter stick
*Appearance: Long white beard, Skinny
*Personality: Split~ He could be calm and patient or have the classical Dumbledore "I'm mildly crazy..". In fact just think Dumbledore. Mostly secretive.
*Theme Song: I Don't Speak Human~ Omnia
*Color: Light Gray
*Special Ability: The Capricornian Eye Ability~ Can see what makes a person suffer)
*What He/She/It Wears: A Large gray cloak...
*Family: Unknown; has a cat named Scri
*Love Life: Unknown
*Others: Do you want me to ruin the story?

*Name: Levi Capton
*Age: 15
*Species: Ematra (A creature I made up..I'll explain it in the story.)
*Status: Slave
*WOC: A hammer, but a chair works too.
*Appearance: Irish~ Brownish-red hair plus pale skin and yellow eyes.
*Personality: Likes to pretend and act, so varies. Mostly submissive and quiet.
*Theme Song: Daylight (Maroon 5)
*Color: Crimson & Bronze
*Special Ability: The Portalis Emperia Ability~ Can open portals through a doorway.
*What He/She/It Wears: Black pants and a black long sleeve shirt.
*Family: A sadistic master.. and a dead little sister.
*Love Life: Lover of farm girls.
*Others: Makes extravagant escape plans. Likes to dream. Is a glutton.


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