I'm super bored!

So, I got bored and answered all of these questions xD

Chapter 1

Zu'u valokein (Welcome!)

Height: 5'4
Shoe Size: 7
Sexxual Orientation: Gay :D
Do you Smoke?: No! Icky!
Do you Drink?: No
Do you Take Drugs?: Nope
Age you get mistaken for: 18
Have Tattoos?: No
Want any tattoos: Maybe c:
Got any Piercings?: Yes
Want any piercings? Maybe more :3
Best friend?: Yes n.n His name is Chris
Relationship status: Single
Biggest turn ons: Tongue piercings!
Biggest turn offs: Body hair (I like a nice, clean, shaved man xD)
Favorite Movie: Pocahontas
I will love you if: You give me all the yaoi in the world! owo
Someone you miss: Chris D:
Most traumatic experience: Can't really say I've ever had one...
A fact about your personality: I'm shy and very sensitive.
What I hate most about myself: Probably that I'm shy and sensitive.
What I love most about myself: Not sure I really like anything about myself
What I want to be when I get older: A manga artist and draw cute shounen ai!!
My relationship with my sibling(s): Don't have any siblings :c
My relationship with my parents: Not very good o.o
My idea of a perfect date: Watching the sun set, then staring at the star filled sky~
My biggest pet peeves: Snoring, and an unclean environment e.e
A description of the girl/boy I like: Well, he is taller than me, brown eyes and brown hair and he's a cutie ^_^
A description of the person I dislike the most: He's a drunk loud person, and she's a naive, lazy woman...My parents x.x
A reason I have lied to a friend: I didn't want to make him sad D:
What I hate the most about school: The people.
What my last text message says: "I miss you~"
What words upset me the most: Ugly, stupid, and never
What words make me the best about myself: Kind, caring, smart, and friendly c:
A wish that I have wished for repeatedly on 11:11: "I want him to love me"
What I find attractive in guys: I don't know o.o
Where I would like to live: Japan!
One of my insecurities: My shyness
My childhood career choice: I really wanted to be a vet xD
My favorite ice cream: Cookies and cream o.o
Who I wish I could be: Adam Lambert!
Where I want to be right now: Anywhere, out of this house.
The last thing I ate: An apple :3
Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: Makoto Tachibana (From and anime called "Free! Iwatobi swim club")
A random fact about anything: The voice actor who does Paarthurnax from Skyrim, is Charles Martinet (The guy who does the voice of Mario and Luigi!) :D


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